Google Ranking Fluctuations - What Should I do ?

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My Ranking Fluctuations on google, What Should I do?
It's showing on 10, sometimes it's not found, sometimes found on 14.

Please suggest
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    Let it be, focus on your content and SEO.
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    Hey Kevin,

    Im in no way an SEO expert, but thought I'd share my two cents.

    Hang in there. Keep publishing quality content where possible and wait it out. Do WHITE HAT SEO ONLY... I can't stress this enough. If you plan to make this a solid business, you don't want to see yourself ranking #1 overtime and then getting banned from Google cause you took some shady shortcuts.

    I've never done this and have multiple domains on high search volume keywords ranking #1 for years on end without anyone coming close.

    Hope this helps

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    There is nothing you can do to "stabilize" your SERPS. As others have said, focus on creating quality content and avoid the temptation of black hat techniques.

    In the long run, your results in Google will become more consistent.

    Good luck!
    I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson
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    It happens. You just need to move forward and focus on creating quality content. Don't do shortcuts. It will gradually increase if you are serious about your white hat strategy.

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    Ranking do fluctuate no need to worry just focus on publishing good quality contents around your keywords on high DA, PA Websites and Sharing on Good Websites.
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      The age of the website is largely irrelevant. The only reason older websites are more prone to ranking is because they've been around long enough to accumulate huge backlink profiles.

      If a 3 month old website attracts tens of thousands of links from a viral campaign there will be nothing stopping it ranking above its competitors across the board.
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    It is just their algorithm to confirm where your SERP will end up being.
    Server to server sync.
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    Anymore, it is really as stated above, all about your content at least 95+ percent. What I mean that is that the algorithms are so advanced these days, there is no point stressing about specific SEO practices and "hacks" to ensure your placements in the SERPS so just focus on genuine high quality and sought after content for your niche.

    Just by doing this alone and using your common sense when it comes to titles and descriptions, your H1, H2, H3s will get and keep you in the good to decent rankings. Continuously adding new content will add to your results.

    It is frustrating getting sunk into the endless abyss of SERPS. Believe me I know. In the 90s I was always trying to figure this stuff out, but in the early 2000s when we ranked first page for nearly e-commerce product we sold organically, I was like hmm... So the search engines just want content, common sense. But back then it was not that simple. I am actually very happy about the way the spidy monsters work these days.

    It makes it a lot easier for bloggers and any other type of site to rank. Just provide genuine good content, that's pretty much it. Of course Google hates stagnation, so there is a lot of keeping things fresh involved here too. New content regularly posted will go miles in your efforts.
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    Don't worry about it. It will settle as you go. You have to continue publishing other good articles and build your brand. The more you'll do that, the more Google will credit your site authority and you'll rank faster and easier.
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