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I recently started blogging and came to know about increasing DR and building backlinks.
I want to build backlinks rapidly and also ready to spent a reasonable amount of money but don't want o get busted by Google for using restricted methods.

On the other hand, it's not easy to get high DA backlinks from websites for free and buying backlinks from sites like Fiverr is Risky.

So what should be done to proceed safely and rapidly?
Thank You
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    I'll be honest with you, I have no experience in SEO related fields.

    But if you are looking for traffic, then probably you need to go all in on Quora. Because its where people ask a question on the topics that are desperate to know about and if you answer the questions related your field and leave a link to your blog at the end, people are more likely gonna visit your website. Its just because they have received value upfront.

    Hope that helps!

    Your thanks would make me grin
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      Thanks, But my main aim is to appear on the first page of google search and not just the trafffic
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    Do some research for related sites with DA of at least 30 and the best way to get high quality backlinks is guest-posting. Quora can be also a good way..
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    It's more important to find stronger backlinks than it is to build backlinks rapidly. So the best and safest way to get quality backlinks is to start guest blogging. Email related blogs and ask if they would be willing to publish an article you've written that contains a link back to your website.

    Explore the FAILING$ of Two Brothers Trying to Make Money Online -

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    Buying backlinks is bad idea, if search engine can understand about your site backlinks then site can get ban. This is why organic way is good for link building.

    And you can easily can get high DA sites for doing backlinks for your site, For your site you can do bookmarking, email marketing , guest posting etc, these are really works great.

    For rapid works you can use social media here fb boost is works nice, beside it you can use adword this also works best for ranking and for traffic
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    Hi Imran,

    "So what should be done to proceed safely and rapidly?"

    Impossible bro. The second you speed up, you do unsafe aka silly, SEO-killing stuff.

    Go slowly and patiently. Impatience aka fear of loss is the great backlink killer.

    Improve your writing skills through practice. Build your friend network by promoting other bloggers without asking for anything. You will build super links organically over months and years.

    Good things take time.

    Mediocre things take a decent amount of time.

    Failures take no time at all LOL.

    All you do from an energy of greed/speed blows up in your face, quickly, or painfully, over the long haul.

    Patience, Grasshopper

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    The best way to build backlinks nowadays is to build "mini-blogs" on high authority sites, then link back from these to your own main blog., and are great sites. The most important thing is that you provide high quality unique content on these sites, not just posting a link. This process takes time but it does work. Best of all, no need to worry about search engine penalties.
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      Total Newbie here..Do you ask questions on these "mini blogs" or start trying to answer questions or both? Sometimes, asking a question seems to promote discussion.
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    As of my knowledge best method for backlinks generating is Blogger outreach and Guest blogging, forum discussion, Quora-Question & Answering, Blog commenting etc. I would suggest you to work on Blogger outreach and guest blogging since these gives you quality backlinks for your website. There are many blogger outreach service providers with small budget. Even we are getting blogger outreach services done for our company. Check the provider website once

    I hope this help you.
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    You can send outreach emails to high DA websites and offer interesting and good articles to them that is relevant also to what you are posting on your blog. So you can have a backlink to one of your relevant blog posts.

    We Focus on Your Growth, You Focus on Finding Clients While Label SEO Services

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    its look like this information works for me thanks, full to all member for their value suggestion sorry for my bad english
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    You can try one of 21 methods below:
    - Blog comments
    - Bridge Method
    - Broken links
    - Conferences
    - Contest / Nomination
    - Directory
    - Donation
    - Events
    - Forum
    - Guest post
    - Infographic
    - Local Blogs
    - Manufacturer
    - Professional Organizations
    - Resources
    - Reviews
    - Round up
    - Sponsored Post
    - Submission
    - Synonym Method
    - University Blog
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    Find some High PR relevant website for your SEO off techniques work. then Publish your business services with high quality contents.
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    Well, I must inform you that there are no shortcuts to increase the DA rapidly. If you buy the links then it is sure that you'll get the links and traffic but it's for a short period of time. To get long-term benefits, instead of spending money spend your more time to understand SEO. You can use high authority website between 30-50 DA, it will help but it takes time.
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    Creating backlinks is not a difficult task but creating quality backlinks is somehow difficult. Always focus on the quality backlinks.
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    Blog posting related your content and submit different articles in high pr articles submission websites.
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    Hi Imran,

    I suggest to do industry competitor's backlinks analysis first and shortlist top DA and most relevant backlink websites. After that you can start acquiring links from those shortlisted websites accordingly.

    Good luck!!
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    Grow slowly. Grow naturally.

    Create super high quality content and people will want to share it.
    HAVE A KILLER APP IDEA? We help entrepreneurs build their app ideas and websites. LEARN MORE.
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      Slow and Steady wins the race! that's what I been doing for my site. I have seen my numbers go up and down but mostly up. I am still trying to learn this battle of SEO esp. since Blueberry Ink has a lot of major competitors like Custom Ink or 4Imprint.
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    I'd suggest using a tool like - It uses known query footprints to search Google for pages with link opportunities on relevant, authority sites/blogs/forums (including .edu, .gov) etc as well as lower quality directories, forums, article sites, social bookmarking sites and so on. You can even filter it for DoFollow only.
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    Quality over Quantity! I would probably avoid Fiverr for backlinks.. but if you are hellbent on quantity.. do it yourself through someone like Social Monkee.
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    Originally Posted by imran333 View Post

    I recently started blogging and came to know about increasing DR and building backlinks.
    I want to build backlinks rapidly and also ready to spent a reasonable amount of money but don't want o get busted by Google for using restricted methods.

    On the other hand, it's not easy to get high DA backlinks from websites for free and buying backlinks from sites like Fiverr is Risky.

    So what should be done to proceed safely and rapidly?
    Thank You
    You can read more info on this here: 22 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website for Free in 2018 - TrafficBox

    Over 5000 words of free content on how to build backlinks for free these days.
    Free SEO Tools For Your Website
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    You can drop links on high DA blogs and pages. It gets a little challenging though as not all these pages allow you to do that for free, but there are still some that is totally okay with that. So the key is patience if you are looking into generating traffic through this method. You can use the MOZ toolbar to check on the DA rating of the pages. I usually engage on pages with 40 and above score rating.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    There are various ways to build quality backlink quickly:
    First, you can start with web 2.0, social bookmarking, blog post, commenting and guest post.These activities are very easy and quick to build high-quality backlink. And some guest blogger provides you do follow backlink at a reasonable rate.
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    Agreed with "Castor Troy1"

    Without wasting time and money on backlink tricks, just concentrate on writing good content, organic traffic will give you better results.

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    Hi imran333,
    Now you don't have to worry, as I'm going to suggest you the best, fast and safest idea to increasing DR and building backlinks.
    As of my knowledge best method for backlinks generating is Social Bookmarking, Email Marketing, Guest Posting, Article Submission, Blog Submission, Blog Commenting, Forum Submission, Directory Submission, Pad Submission, Classified Ads etc, these are really works great.
    For rapid works you can use social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.
    Hope the Help You !
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  • Profile picture of the author Billie Scott and have worked very well for me. Traffic flows very well from these two sites but as in all things you must be consistantly posting, answering and engaging. Most of all you must offer value. Remember "if you build it, they will come".
    Good luck
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    Writing blog post is a good way to get links.

    Share your blog posts is better way to get links.

    Bloggers need resources to link to search engine link that when you do it.

    So if you write and share your articles links will come your way.

    This is just one way to do it but it works for me.

    There are many strategies for natural link building overtime you will find what works best for you.

    Harris Brown
    HFB Advertising

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    Most of the techniques above are effective ways to receive backlinks. I would add:
    - writing statistics (many other blogs will refer to your post to quote your statistics)
    - signing up for Help a Reporter Out (HARO). You will receive queries from journalists and bloggers needing content for their articles/posts. In exchange, you would get a prominent link to your website - often from a website or blog with high DA!
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  • Get social bookmarking, Quora answers, Yahoo answer Backlink
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    I use SEMRush which allows me to run a backlink audit on websites and their domain authority.
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    Wow, there are so many ways to build backlinks, and in my experience, a variety of different techniques works really well.

    I like to create Web 2.0 blogs like Blogger, Wordpress, and Tumblr. I will also create social media sites around my website - Instagram, Facebook, Google +, and Twitter are a must. Pinterest too if you have a site that does well with images.

    For each post you make on your main website, create a related original post for each of your Web 2.0 blogs. You can then build another tier of Web 2.0 blogs and social bookmarks like Netboard, Overblog, and others to further build out your backlinks network.

    It also helps to build backlinks to the original set of Web 2.0's to get more link juice to your main site.

    Hope this helps, as it works well for me.
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    Don't succumb to buying backlinks. It's a bad idea. Go organic. Do guest blogs, social media - Facebook, Instagram posts with your link attached. Make it attractive so people are more likely to share them.

    Do this over a period of time and you will be able to see results and the best part you are 100% sure they are not spammy links etc that might earn you a penanlty from Google.
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    10 Smart Ways to Back links

    1. The broken-link building method.
    2. Back links through info graphics.
    3. The advantage of guest articles.
    4. Spy on your competitors.
    5. Build internal links.
    6. Promote your content.
    7. Write testimonials.
    8. Contact journalists and important bloggers.
    9. Donate.
    10. Get interviewed.
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    I believe the best way to get quality backlinks is to start guest blogging. You could email related blogs and ask if they would be willing to publish an article you've written that contains a link back to your website.

    I also suggest you add up to 50 site you blog would ping whenever you have a new publication. I think this would help
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    In a simple word, Backlink means incoming link to your website and that make huge impact on your website ranking.

    But most important thing is that backlink which you get is a Quality Backlink or similar to your website?

    Some tricks are listed below to getting Backlink
    • Submit Guest post
    • Comment on do-follow website or blog
    • Forum posting in relevant threads and add Signatures too.
    • Social Bookmark and directory Submission
    • Q & A like Quora, Yahoo etc...
    • Make use of press releases
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    Backlinks is kinda "old school" SEO tactics. Since Panda and Penquin came along I'm not sure backlinks carry as much weight as they once did. Google is looking at your content, how long people stay on your site, where they go on your site ect, etc. There was a time when .gov and .edu made a huge difference, not so much anymore. Go to youtube and search (Matt Cutt's Backlinks)

    Welcome, I hope what I posted up there helped you. Good to chat with warrior legends, rising stars and forum newbies. Tom

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    Building backlinks is easier to do with an app than on a desktop or a laptop.

    link deleted
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  • Here is the ugly truth about link acquisition:

    It is costly and time-consuming.

    To combat these two issues you must learn how to get the most out of every backlink.

    Here's how you can accomplish that goal:

    You must have a technically optimized site
    You must have a strong site architecture
    You must have valuable content

    1. Fix All Technical Errors
    2. Develop a Strong Site Architecture
    3. Produce VALUABLE Content
    4. What Is Your Risk Tolerance?
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    Guest posting and guestgraphic will be best ways to build backlinks.
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    Well there are hundreds of link building techniques which you can use for creating quality links for your website. you can start with Guest posting on niche and domain-specific blogs, broken link building, listings, blog commenting, sponsorship and links biat technique you can follow anyone for creating inbound links for your website.
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    Infographics are a great way.
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    The main mistake that you can get it's if you create rapidly backlinks if you just started. First of all, it will be very suspicious of Google how suddenly you become an expert in link building and how suddenly your brand it's known but anyone out there. You need to do that very naturally so you can gain backlinks but with a dose.
    Example: Imagine you have a backlink on Forbes and you open your website before 10 days, you will get really strong link score but for a short time and after that you will disappear from the search engine. Why? Because strong websites are not linking naturally to brand new websites, so that happen overnight and you are suspicious. This is my advice try to build more backlinks naturally through an Email outreach.

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    You probably need to go all in on Quora.
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    In my experience guest blogging & quora, question & answer is the best way to build backlinks.
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    You should create the Internal and External Blogs.

    Internal Blogs post will help you with boosting your Expert pages and External blogs will help your blog's post Increase the traffic, you definitely get the best result for your website with keywords ranking.
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    Content is king. Hence make good quality content as per your niche and post in quora and , for quality backlinks indexed by google.
    Ask question with one username and answer with another
    Signature Get quality Organic Country based Traffic, and Guest Post for lifetime. Multiple links in one Short URL.
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    You should hire an SEO company with tested methods and strategies to do your link building.
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    Hi, This is Sathish Kumar. We need to off page techniques then will get quality back links.
    Off - page techniques :
    Image sharings
    Business listings
    Search Engine submissions
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    It's impossible to get backlinks from trusted resources quickly. Your backlink profile is about quality not quantity. If you buy links and get a lot of them for the short period of time, Google Penguin will come for you.
    Define your strategy: your area of business, audience, marketing budget.
    Create the list of resources you want to use. I recommend to post at least one press-release and several guest posts.
    Use social media profiles to attract potential followers.

    Best and worst brands, reviews from real customers -

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    the best way to build link is
    by doing the various task will help you build backlinks
    make use of social media for creating brand awareness,
    and social bookmarkings for creating links , blog postings, guest blogs.
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    Š¢hank you all
    I got good advice
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    The best way for building back-link is always create a back link on relevant niche and High DA. For Getting high Traffic creates back-link on guest posting and Forum discussion sites.
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    You can do guest posting on other blogs within your niche.

    You can comment on other blogs and link back to your site.

    Also, creating a helpful infographic could lead to others linking back to you.
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    I'm currently taking a course on SEO and we're going over back linking right now. Guest posting (with an emphasis made on EDU, NGO,) was a suggestion made. Use software that can analyze your competitors source(s) of back links and move into the territory. Not sure how accurate their claim was, but they mentioned that: "1 back link from a high domain site is > 99 back links from lower ranking ones".
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    Seo off page activity are best way increase Keyword ranking of a website. SEO off page activity are

    Article submission
    Bookmarking submission
    Directory submission
    Classified submission
    Images sharing
    Video sharing
    Info-graphics submission
    Guest posting
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  • Hi,

    To build good-quality backlinks, you can do social bookmarking, internal linking, Quora & warrior forum posting, guest blogging, directory submission, and image submission too.
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    You can try Niche relevant Authority site backlinks. Its help you increasing DA, PA etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author Quenton Fyfe
    The quality of backlinks you get is more important than quantity - that's more true than ever in 2019.

    If you want backlinks that Google will value, they need to be editorial links from a real website that someone has given you because they think your website is worth linking to.

    Any link you can go out and create yourself has little or no value to Google - because it tells them nothing about the quality of your website.

    There are a few link building techniques that work - one of my favourites is Broken Link Building because you get real links, and you're not breaking Google's guidelines.

    If you go to my blog (link in sig) you'll find an article called Getting Started with Broken Link Building which will show you how to build links using this method using only free tools.
    Learn how to build a successful online business at
    Check out my new course Broken Link Building Mastery, and get all the links you need.
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    Natural backlinks are created when your content actually provides user value, when they read your article, those who respect the value, they will publicly source your article when they share it with people. other. I think when you have quality articles, try sharing them on your social networks, there will be people who read them and share them with others. It is a natural backlink that is required.
    JVzoo Product Launch Review - WilliamReview
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    Create an article that is trending in your industry it should be 10x better than other article and use the Skyscraper technique to build the link

    The new link building technique called The Moving Man Method using this you can Build Links From Outdated Resources.

    Focus on the sites like xyz .com changed their name to abc .com then check out all the sites that link to the old URLs with high DA

    Reach out to all of the people that still link to the outdated resource.

    Instead of sending an email for asking link Use "Feeler" emails.

    send an email regarding I have written a blog similar to your topic and thought mighty it interest you.

    let him see first and then pitch it.
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    You need to use outreach, it means to write bloggers, owners of websites etc and they can post your URL of your blog. So due to this you can raise your trafiic
    Also your content should have high quality and to be useful, so people can use your blog as an example of a good article or thought
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  • Profile picture of the author msulcs
    I suggest starting with profile links from authority sites to diversify the backlink profile.

    Then move on to web 2.0's & social bookmarks.

    And the best kind of free backlinks are article submissions and website builders because you can build the content around your backlink and focus on keywords and link to your pages, not only to your main domain.
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  • Hi,

    For natural backlinks for your website, you can do:
    1. video sharing
    2. Guest Blogging
    3. promote your brand on social media
    4. Off-page SEO
    5. Quora Q/A submission
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  • Profile picture of the author ToddGordon
    You can build backlinks by following means:

    > Create profile - Local Business listing
    > Social Media Profiling
    > Pages Creation on Social Media Site
    > By Content, Article Post, Blog Publishing, Guest posting Press Release Distribution
    > Join us Content Distribution
    > Image Submission like Pinterest, Instagram, and many more sites
    > Social Bookmarking site used for backs

    I think it will be helpful for you.
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  • Profile picture of the author Arv Saraf
    here are some useful steps to build amazing backlinks here you need to follow these 5 Steps to Creating Amazing Backlinks for your website:-[LIST][*]Find Links[*]Link Prospecting[*]Content Linkworthiness[*]Linkbait[*]Link Outreach
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    Thanks for your question. My personal opinion is do some related guest-posting which is now more effective.
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  • Profile picture of the author priyankaarya
    In three step you can do backlinking. Find the right keywords to target. Create a great piece of content around that keyword. Promote the content
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  • Profile picture of the author Jared Heldt
    Mostly using social media/bookmarking, pinging website, looking into getting an instagram influencer to share my products soon.

    Check out my store at:

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    Blog posting related your content

    My Games: stickman
    - Kung fu Games

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