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I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to learn how to properly do keyword research. How can I determine if a keyword is worth pursuing or not? Where can I find guides for newbies on this particular topic?
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    This may help you to update yourself with the most current method may be available out there...
    Just make sure to filter it with at least the last year period.

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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      Thank you that's actually a really clever idea to search it on youtube like that with the timeframe. Thanks!
      Xoxo, Danielle Faith
      Xo, Faith and
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  • There is actually quite a bit of information on youtube about this. There are many profitable keywords, just keep in mind you are looking for keywords that are profitable in a profitable niche, that will be profitable long term.

    For example, Bitcoin, although profitable now, will most likely not be profitable all the time, long term.
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    With all the tools and hacks and what ever else REAL keyword research is hit or miss. The reason being is the assumption more traffic converts to more conversions.. and that really is not the case. I would rather target 10 keywords that get 10 visits per month and you can close 80% vs 1 keyword that has 1000 visits and closes 1% or 10.

    With time and experience with Keyword research in general or more specifically a niche topic, you can kinda figure out keywords to target.

    The other side of this is using KNOWN data to drive your keyword research. I am talking about Google Analytics. Try this: it gives you a decent overview of how to do this. I like to add the rank variable as well as number of impressions. these 2 pieces might tell you that a page is ranked on the 8th page, but is getting 50 impressions ( which is an indicator that the 7 pages before you are not so hot.

    Hope that Helps!
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    Another technique that I would like to suggest you to use is Keyword Golden Ration to find less-competitive terms.
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    I like this software called Market Samurai.

    Welcome, I hope what I posted up there helped you. Good to chat with warrior legends, rising stars and forum newbies. Tom

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    I like the site Answerthepublic - it uses the autosuggest style of keyword research to give you ideas.
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    I use Keywords Everywhere on Chrome, a plugin that allows you to see search volumes for keywords and their average CPC.
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