Does This Local Therapist Need A Blog, or Focus on Main Service Pages?

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Hi everyone!

I am just starting to practice SEO by assisting a friend with her local relationship therapy practice, and I'm not sure whether or not she needs a blog.

### Here's the content they currently have

- A page for specific categories within relationship therapy (unmarried couples, marriage, divorce, pre-marital, etc)
- On each page, she describes what that type of therapy is, what clients can expect, and how she will help them during the process.

**My question is this:**

Does it make sense to start a blog, or, is it better to build out the main service pages with more content?

I'm worried that if she does start a blog, that it could potentially take away from the authority of the main service pages.

For example, let's say she writes a highly specific post titled **"how to talk to your husband about marriage"**. Is it better to just incorporate aspects of this post on the main marriage page, or keep it as a blog post?

I really appreciate any suggestions and I'm happy to answer any questions.
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    Why not? IMO the more content the better.
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  • If they have the time to post a weekly newsletter with helpful information about her industry, than this can definitely lead more clients. By having a blog she can indirectly develop a relationship along with authority in her field which will make more people feel comfortable going to her.
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    Hi Richard,

    A blog, all the way buddy, for these reasons:

    - blogs are easy to update quickly, and seamlessly, via writing and publishing a new post
    - blogs are more attractive tools for delivering content versus adding to a more rigid, less visually pleasing, home page
    - when most folks think "content", they think "blog"
    - better branding
    - running a blog in addition to the main services pages is abundant; adding a blog creates more online real estate and a greater web presence, both being business builders

    I am hellishly biased my friend but adding a blog is a no-brainer for your client. She can position herself as a more trusted, respected authority in her therapy niche with a blog in her cyber pocket, along with the more static main services page.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    The question is not so much about SEO or about format, as it is about the prospect herself.

    You see, most prospects don't want to educate or inform themselves. They want to take a pill or download a piece of software or listen to a subliminal MP3 recording and be sexy, rich and healthy overnight.

    If this is the case here, a blog would be a waste of time, space and would take away from the landing page. If she doesn't want to know more about how to improve her life and just wants someone else to fix her problems (which is extremely common in the psycho-therapy and coaching niches), then lead only with the landing page.

    On the other hand, there are prospects who consume large amounts of information before taking any action. The dating field is one of them. Is not uncommon for a person to read for hours before hiring a dating coach. Online marketing is another field.

    I know that it sounds a bit confusing but it is quite logical.

    There are some prospects that just want to complain about how awful their husband is. The best way to capture that marketplace is to tell them what you can do, why you can do it, make a good offer and let them order.

    On the other side, there are prospects who are not willing to pay or make the jump until they know everything there is to know about this. In the end, they may know more than the therapist herself or himself.

    So, who are you serving here?

    Best regards,
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