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by Edi98
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Hey real quick,

I was figuring out how to add games on my website and i failed miserably or the games just did not suit the niche. I was wondering if i can get any advice on how or even if i am able to add games with the basic plan using bluehost. I was also wondering what the pros and cons are in any of your experiences of adding games to your websites?

Thank you and i hope everybody is doing well.
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    What do you mean by games? Online games? Downloadable games? cpa game offers?
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      Like games to engage people on my website more
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    I think if that's the type of website you are trying to build then it's exactly what you need to do. The way you add the games can vary. It all depends if you are embedding the games with an iframe html tag or if you are actually putting the code directly on to your website. If you don't know exactly what you are doing yet I suggest looking for html5 games you can embed with an easy html5 embed tag. If you google that then you will find a lot of good information that can explain what i'm talking about in greater detail. Why HTML5 games? Because if users visit the website on their apple mobile devices like iphone or ipad they will be able to view the games as well as any other modern web enabled device.
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    Thats what i was looking for thank you i really appreciate it
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