A question on creating a Facebook page for my company

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and great to be with like-minded individuals.

I am about to create a Facebook page for my company, however I'm not sure whether to use my current profile which has around 400 friends or make a new profile and start fresh.

I do not know what disadvantages or advantages there are?


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    You are technically only allowed to have one profile(account).

    It would suck to build your company page using the second account and have the account get terminated for any reason.

    That would be my only concern.
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    Hi DavideyD,

    You don't need to open a new profile. Actually facebook doesn't like you to have several personal accounts and if they find out they will cancel the second account.

    So, go ahead and open the facebook page for your company from your personal profile. If you don't want your friends to know about this page, don't invite them. They will never know about the page....

    You can open as many "Bussiness Pages" starting from your personal profile as you want. FaceBook has no problem with that. What FaceBook doesn't like, is that you open several personal profiles.

    I hope that helps!

    Good luck with the company!


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    It depends on your branding goals. If you want to brand yourself, use your profile. If you want to brand your business name, build a page for it.

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    Great idea I've just got somewhat rubbish on my old Facebook I don't really feel like opening it up... Can I just confirm will there be anyway people can see my personal account from my pages
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    Last I knew you are not supposed to use your personal profile for business so to speak. You can get a "Fan page" and use your name also. Just use a hyphen between your first and last or a middle initial on your profile and without on your personal.

    Not too long ago Facebook was closing personal profiles that were being used for business.

    Just my 2 cents
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    Well I suppose as long as no one can see my business page that it is associated to me and with the risk of closing another account with no Friends or activity I think I will keep with my own personal one
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    personally i think you could start fresh with the folks following you on this account you already have, and let them take your page and try to share it for their own friends, it will be a great milestone for you, so no need to open any other account for this! Wish you luck with this.
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  • I personally think it's easier to keep your personal and business page separate. Especially if you end up with thousands of followers. You will want that privacy at some point.

    Besides, you can use your name as your page, and invite all your friend and family from your personal account to like/follow your business page.

    There is a reason why they allow you to do this.
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    If you are making a page, it doesn't really matter what profile you are using. You can use your existing one.

    If you want to create a completely new network of friends only interested in your niche, then you can consider a second profile.

    Just my 2 cents
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    It will be better if you will create a page with your existing profile
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    You's better create a new one not to mix your private life and your business. There are many ways to promote your account with targeted users, you can check it on internet. And you also can invite your friend to join the page if you want it not to be empty.
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    I think having more than one FB account is dumb.

    If your business is something you're proud of, then use your existing account to create your page.

    Once your page is above 300 people, consider adding a Group to the page. There's more engagement in a group than on a page, usually, and when run well they can grow very quickly.
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    It's really up to you but I personally think it is better to make a separate facebook account for the promotion of your company through your facebook page.

    1. It can become a business-related page only: This account is only going to be there for your business related page and if it becomes bigger, it can even be verified. If your existing Facebook account is a personal one it is best not to mix it with your business due to the personal notifications mixing with your work.

    2. It will be easier to manage: Trust me as a person who uses multiple accounts it may seem very hard to manage at the start with all the notifications in both the accounts but it will get really easy soon and it will be easier to manage and balance work/personal life.

    I hope it helps to what you seek.
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    You need a BRAND NEW facebook page if the busines is not in your name, i mean the brand name is not your name and if you have content in your business page profile which are not suitable to the business

    But i think you have a misconception: you can build eery fb pages you want with your facebook personal profile and your customers see the pages, not you.
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  • Hello DavideyD,
    Actually you don't need another profile. You can create a page from your profile.
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    You can use your current account to make your company Facebook page. Facebook sometimes deactivate other similar accounts so it would be better to go with the one existing account.
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  • you can use same account and create new fanpage in your company with good images and share to free related facebook groups to get likes
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    Facebook page is greatest way to promote your business and advertise it even free of cost. In you Facebook account you could only make 5000 friends but if you create Facebook page you can invite people near about lacks. You can daily promote your new offers and anything in your business which you added earlier.as
    If you will have any doubt do not worry about it i can help you for this because i am SMM expert with 3 years experience you can ask any question related Facebook Page because there are many settings you can do with your self which are great. AS you could set your Audience according to age, gender and area. And also you could set Automatic replies even when you are offline.

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