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Hi guys, this is my first question on this forum. I want traffics from US. What should I do to get traffic from US. My blog traffic is mostly from India.
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    When you talk about the traffic from India, I guess you mean Google traffic, am I right?

    Well, if your blog is en English there is some good statistical probability that some percentage of your future visitors will come from the USA.

    However, organic search engine traffic is not the only way how can you get blog readers. If you really want US visitors, you can use, for example, Facebook or Google plus groups. Find some where are mainly people from the USA and use content marketing strategies to drive traffic to your blog.
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  • You can run ads that target the US.

    Is there a particular reason for targeting the US?
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    If you're finding it difficult to target USA country.

    Then you can read this blog it shows how you can do it with SEO.

    https://www.shout meloud. com/how-to-target-country-specific-website-traffic.html
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    Hello Friend, As per my knowledge, If you want to traffic from US then try VPN tool (USA) to create most relevant backinks based on blog. It will definetly help you more.
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  • Write your blog posts in English, and you will be targeting the rest of the English speaking world.

    Eventually you will attract readers from the U.S. when they search for your topic in Google's search engine.
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    Are you open to paid traffic? If so, what is your budget?
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    Hey buddy, two things i could suggest you to go for will be simply to try to work with some Social media groups, and also you can apply to a spy-tool, and depending to what you are promoting on your page, look at some offers that you could promote, targeting the US audience, it should bring you some audience!
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    Have you considered a free lead generator? I have used them and they can be effective. Accounts for about 25% of my traffic.

    For proven multiple income streams and lead generation strategies especially for newbies, visit my blog at http://www.empowered.online/

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    You can share your blog on social media and yes you can use VPN (USA) and generate backlinks for your blog.
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    Firstly topics you're writing on & then Keyword research is extremely important in this regard.
    You need to figure out on what topics US people are interested
    Then finding keywords around that topic which should have enough search volume with less competition is extremely important for ranking.
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    1. Do you have content that will interest customers from the US

    If not, you will end up increasing your bounce rate

    2. Do you have any conversion goals ?

    Which means, do you just want people to land on your website and linger. Or, you have any product or service which you intend to sell to them

    Adwords is the most efficient in the US. You can try an Adwords campaign once you have something to offer to the target audience.
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    Get a couple backlinks from country specific domains helps get more traffic from those countries. I suppose that getting a co.uk backlink for example tells Google that people from that country may have interest in reading your site. You get tested in the SERPS in that country, and if you do well, you start to get more traffic.

    This is my experience with breaking into the SERPS from other countries at least. YMMV.
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    Target your blog search console for US visitor or simply invest in Facebook traffic but it quite pricey
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    It's true that US traffic will get you more value especially for Ads revenue. however, you need to put in a lot of work too such like working your content SEO and link building mostly from US blogs and sites.
    Join the Best CPC & CPM Ad Network for Publishers and Advertisers.
    Join Today @ AdsTargets.com for free
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    You Can Join US Blogging Groups On FB and Share your Content In Those Groups
    This Will Eventually increase your Blog Traffic
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    First of all, welcome to the forum. Then i Think you should create those articles which are relevant to the demands of US visitors. Secondly, try to make your site user friendly and focus on best SEO practices to rank your site high on Google. Make the social media pages and promote your site there as well.
    Best of luck for your site.
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  • You need to use paid ads like Adwords, Facebook ads or solo ads in order to choose the geographical location.
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    You can also consider influencer marketing and work with US based influencers.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    You can run ads that target the US.
    You Can Join US Blogging Groups On FB and Share your Content In Those Groups

    Need help with building Online business ?
    Private message me and I will coach you for free.

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    Paid fb traffic? Depending on the topic, it might be more or less expensive, although traffic campaigns are pretty cheap through fb.
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