Do you need to start with a lot of articles to be successful?

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Do i need to start my site with several articles/pages? can one article/page be enough assuming i don't have any idea about how to add more content? e.g. i decide to make a "how to x" post about an ultra specific thing and the post leads to an affiliate product as well, can i stop there and promote the post? google ranks individual pages right? I honestly don't know how to make a content rich blog and i don't know if thats the point of blogging AKA keep posting stuff. I can probably start with 1-2 good articles but then i will struggle until i gather more experience, is it worth it?

Also, if the plan is to make very few articles, is it better to go for a blog or youtube?
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    I think you may be over thinking this slightly and will it come down to the niche and the product that you are promoting.

    If you are just starting out blogging think of your first site as a training exercise.

    Regarding your question it's about quality rather than quantity and not necessarily about the amount of articles.

    Remember a successful blog will take many months to build and content won't just appear all of sudden and before you embark on this project you should be sure that you are committed to it and yes it can be worth it if you remain dedicated.

    After a few months down the line you will know whether it is successful or not and I am sure there will be plenty of experienced IM'ers will to give you their opinion on it.

    As for a video or articles that's entirely your choice, there is no right or wrong, ask yourself do you want to be a blogger or vlogger ?
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  • If you are in a ultra specific niche that it may not have to have a bunch of articles to still rank. This would be assuming their is no competition.

    It's hard to say if your website will rank well, but it seems like you are more interested in creating more of a sales page.

    If you have great conversions with your paid traffic then I would keep sending paid traffic to it.
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    You will need good quality articles. How many and whether it will rank depends on the niche and the keywords you are targeting.
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    You don't need any articles.

    OP is talking about Google/SEO.

    If your traffic needs content, make a tutorial demonstrating how the product being sold can help a potential buyer.
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    You dont need many articles if you are planning to run blog, 2 per week is enough. Most important thing is to target the right keywords with low competition and at least 10.000 searches per month. By approaching this keyword research strategy you can start seeing traffic coming in in a month. Hope that helps!
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    Not necessarily. Most would say that quality is more imporant, and I agree with them. But it also depends on your niche. A popular one will of course have a lot of competition.

    If you're struggling with writing, I suggest hiring a writer to help lighten your load--if you have the budget for it. A friend of mine runs an affiliate blog but outsources a good chunk of the writing to a Filipino for cheap. She only posts new articles maybe once or twice a week, but has the writer make more than, around 5-10.
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  • If you are planning to run blog You don't need many articles. 8 blogs per month is enough. But remember it is very important that target the right keywords with low competition and at least high searches value per month. In this process, you can gain more traffic in a month.
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    It's not the content, it's the promotion.

    Spend say 20% of your time creating content...80% promoting it.

    The right people sharing your content makes all the difference. Many well-written articles are out there gathering dust because nobody ever saw them.

    A blog with say 6 or 10 really good articles, with influencers talking about them, will outperform any content farm. Do not make content for the sake of making content: make content influencers in your industry will be excited to share.
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    I would like to recommend high quality articles over large number of articles.
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    I think you're missing the pint here. You haven't defined the purpose of your website, and you're already jumping the gun talking about the number of articles you need.

    If you're talking about SEO purposes, dependign on your niche, the number of backlinks your article generate will be more important than quantity of articles. For that, think quality over quantity. If you're talking about social media engagement, then yes, a regular output of articles will be necessary.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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  • If you want to get traffic through SEO, then one article/page definitely not enough, unless you want to drive traffic through other methods. It is easier to rank higher in Google using YouTube video than using article.
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    Take it slow and easy mate.

    First of all, what niche is it? If it's ultra specific, have you researched if it is profitable in the first place. You do not want to commit yourself to a ultra specific niche where there is no competition too because there will be no buyers.

    Next, what is your traffic plan?

    How do you plan for promotion?

    If you are going to use social media - what platform.

    Having a high quality article is good, but learning how to generate traffic is the difficult part.

    If you are going for the social media route, master one platform before going to the next.

    If you are going to just rely on SEO, having just ONE article will definitely lead you to failure. You will realise that you will not have any traffic at all.

    First of all, having one article on your website just shows that you are not an authority on the subject.

    Imagine this, if you drop by a blog, and the blog only has one article promoting a product, will you actually the product from the blog, 99.9% no. So what makes you think this kind of promotion will work?

    No ideas for articles? Google / Youtube them. There will be tons of information there

    Find more information regarding becoming an authority in your niche too, I think that will greatly help anyone in marketing
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    It's probably a good idea to have a few articles written before you even set up your site so you have a bit of content ready to go so your site looks somewhat complete to viewers. If someone comes across your article and sees that its the only one you have they most likely wont stick around
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