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Hello, I would like to create a bait and a main product for a specific niche but I am very bad at writing so I just quickly wanted to ask if its ok to copy parts of certain websites and create a product from that?
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    When this question comes up I always wonder 'what are they thinking'???

    Do you believe another marketer or business person or writer spent time and effort creating online content ....so that someone 'bad' at it can just take what they want?

    Do you believe that's how to create a 'product'? Is it legal where you live to steal what you want and use it as your own?

    Does that sound harsh? Good - don't do it.

    If you can't write - hire someone to write for you (outsourcing). If you can't afford to hire someone, do something else or get a job. Take a few minutes to learn about COPYRIGHT violations and TRADEMARK infringement.

    You don't have to be a 'good writer' if you are writing about a subject you know well. You can get friends or hire a freelancer to proofread your writing - or to write for you.
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    Originally Posted by SymmetryReflect View Post

    Hello, I would like to create a bait and a main product for a specific niche but I am very bad at writing so I just quickly wanted to ask if its ok to copy parts of certain websites and create a product from that?

    I think you'd get better answers If you're more specific.

    Example, copying Wikipedia is a lot different than copying Forbes.
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  • I think you should take the time to learn how to "write" or sell or whatever they call it. It's so important that if you want to continue in this system or way of making money. that you actually have the skills instead of copying and pasting.

    That works for school but not for life.

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    i would NOT go this route. I can understand this can be frustrating if English is not your first l language, but not only will it hurt your SEO, the other company can EASILY find you, and you will have lost all credibility.

    You can easily hire someone for cheap on Freelancer, or similar and have them write the copy for you. An English speaking purpose with good review. Show them the website you want to copy, and ask them to write original text based on it. Not too hard and not too expensive.
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  • In order to get better at copy you must read other sales letters and learn from them. You should ask yourself what is each sentence trying to say. Are there any words that jump out or make you feel a certain way.

    Simply copying someone takes away from you learning how to be successful. On the other hand, if its an affiliate product, they usually have sales pages for you to use and along with copy.

    The reason you don't use others copy (besides just being wrong) is that copy was promoted to a specific audience and you don't know what that audience is. Therefore how do you even know it would work for you?
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    Consider outsourcing, for example, outsource to someone on fiverr.
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    If you are serious about IM this is definitely not the route to go down, it is not the way to build a long term business.

    As has been pointed out, just because you are not good at something, it does not give you the right to copy somebody else hard work.

    There are many products I have come across where English was not the first language of the product creator but they still managed to put out a good product.

    If you are on a budget perhaps you could consider rewriting some PLR and then asking a friend or someone on fiverr to proof read it for you.
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    not okay to copy.. outsource it or get plr to get started.. just do something
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  • I think find some PLR products and modify from there is more easier and no need to worry about copyright issues.
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    You can get some ideas from products description on Amazon. You can paraphrase them. I won´t suggest copying the exact same words from anywhere, it doesn´t look much professional. Besides, won´t you buy from someone who took the time to write a great description/review of whatever they are selling?
    Hope it helps you, good luck!
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    If you use somebody's content you will be kicked by copyright claim. I would suggest you to hire somebody & just give him various sources of the same niche. Your writer will read them & understand it better then rewrite it. Thats the way to get a proper, unique PLR.

    Kind Regards!
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  • Using other people's intellectual property without there permission is plagiarism.

    You can use public domain books that are no longer under copyright, and use that information which has suitable content for your information products.

    Other than that, you can invest in PLR products that you are able to rebrand as your own products.
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    It's not ok to copy. You can take things and rewrite it. With that being said, how much value would that be offering?
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    If you can't write, outsource to people who can. There's lots of excellent writers that you can find at Onlinejobs... and it is NOT okay to copy. You could get sued for that.
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