Can someone tell me some tips and secrets to inboxing yahoo please!

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I just start e-marketing to yahoo and I need some tips, please.
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    Hi Laura,

    Well I can tell you that with Yahoo mail you want to stay away from using certain words in your subject and body, such as, money, make money, making money, profit, income and so on...

    Another thing is to try and keep your body short and don't use affiliate link, just use a .com, etc. and I've had luck not making links clickable, just leave out the http:// and use www.

    There are alot of factors involved in getting emails into people inbox and not spam folder and testing your emails is best, just create a few Yahoo email accounts for yourself and test your ads by sending them to yourself and see if they hit the inbox, before you send out to a list.

    I hope this helps!

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