How to bypass MAP restrictions in website marketing?

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Several of our suppliers have stern minimum advertised price policies. We find this anti-competitive and otherwise indefensible, but it is what it is. We already put in extra services and include shipping. What else can we do? Email for coupon? Or are there ways to make this automatic at some point in the ordering process. Suggestions? Our site is shopify based.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Kitting is another option I've seen resellers do. If there are any supplementary products you can throw in there (accessories, tools, how-to materials, other goodies) then you may be able to make a "complete kit" product, a truly differentiated offering than just the product alone. Customers may then start to see competitors' offers as lacking, an incomplete set.

    Just a suggestion from what I've seen so far, I'm looking forward to more advice on this issue as well.
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    We find this anti-competitive and otherwise indefensible
    Then don't deal with that supplier.
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    We look at MAP as a positive as generally this can equate to a quality product, and knocks out a lot of crap competition. But yeah if it's too much hassle. Move on.
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