Do you guys think that dropshipping is dead?

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I was thinking about starting a dropshipping business with shopify but seeing that there are many people doing the same and a market so flooded with shops doing dropshipping, do not know if it would be a good idea to start this type of business ?? Apart from that many people have told me that this business scheme is no longer working, what do you think?
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    Don't know if I would refer to a multi-billion dollar industry as 'dead.' The question is, do you have a way to get your slice of the pie? Keep in mind that even if all you are getting is a few small crumbs, you'll be doing quite well for yourself.

    The only things dead in this world are disco and trickle-down economics.

    "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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  • It does not matter whether is dropshiping or your own product, as long as it is a hot product and you know how to drive targeted traffic.
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    I don't think you can say the industry is dead. The question is whether you will be riding the wave or be over water. Like it was suggested above your product has to be hot, otherwise, it won't be beneficial. Do you research beforehand.
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    Do you guys think that dropshipping is dead?

    Do you think traffic knows the meaning of drop-shipping?

    People still buy online regardless what you call it.
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    Dropshipping is simply a fulfillment method. As Yukon said, people still buy stuff all the time.

    My guess is that you're seeing a crowded marketplace because everybody wants to be in that one marketplace. Look at this place -- every time someone asks about a niche, crowds of people spout the same major markets (even collections of markets), health, wealth and relationships.

    Some go one level deeper and talk about the dating niche or the weight loss niche, even though both of these can be further divided into a huge number of viable niches.

    You want to make money dropshipping golf clubs? Don't open a shop selling golf clubs. Open a shop selling golf clubs for short left-handed lady golfers. Specialize. You may not have as many prospects, but you also have a lot less competition.
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    Some methods, such as the Shopify/AliExpress/Facebook one might becoming over-saturated - especially with boring products that have no way of succeeding with that method - but dropshipping is far from dead. If anything, because far more real manufacturers and brands are doing it, it is far more alive than it has ever been.

    Our latest one, which launched in December, was generating $100,000 in revenue after just one month. We're already batting around ideas for the next one. We only wish we had the time to set up more dropshipping sites. And no, that one has nothing to do with AliExpress, although we do you use Facebook, Shopify and a variety of marketing methods to generate traffic. Shopify is just a platform to build an eCommerce website on, nothing more, and has absolutely nothing to do with any particular eCommerce business model.

    I also don't agree that a product has to be "hot". We have plenty of evergreen dropshipping sites that sell as well today as they did 5 years ago and will be generating good income decades from now. Some product types will always be popular.
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    Dropshipping has been around since many many years ago, people back then used only Google Adwords to drive traffic to their stores but now with the Social Networks boom it exploded, if you enter any industry and you do the same thing everyone is doing, you'll fail, you need a way to stand out from the crowd.
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