A handful of failed Teespring campaigns because I am a ruhtard

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ello, so this is my first post. I haven't really had the time to utilize the resources of forums so after banging my head against the wall I have finally am having contributed value to the group and to get over being shy or looking like an annoying idiot nooob, which is true. But I will future wise.

So after doing extensive research on which On Demand T-Shirt printer, Teespring seemed to be the one everyone on this forum uses "mostly". I have launched several campaigns and tried to market just through social media. I haven't had the extra money for FB ads.

So my problem lies in what is a good strategy to have a successful campaign? I don't know if the model of they don't print or ship until certain number of Tee's are sold is better or worse, but obviously there are those that have figured out how to make it work. Im just like most of us here trying to survive by supplementing my income. Thank you very much
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    Can you share how you have been launching several campaigns? Can you share the details? We really need to know what you've done so far to help.
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    I doubt you're a "ruhtard." You're someone who tested an idea with the resources available.

    You need Traffic and Conversion to make sales and drive revenue.

    My educated guess is that you had nowhere near enough traffic to make sales.

    Do you have a group, an "oven" to warm prospects up?

    Do you have a way of capturing leads, so you can get them to visit the site more than once?

    Are you doing something different, ie. not just depending on sending a visitor to a t-shirt sales page--or even worse, the home page--and hoping that results in a conversion?

    If what you've been doing until now is sending unqualified traffic to a sales page or the home page, it's no surprise to me you've struggled. Anyhow, tell us what you have been doing, like Chris said.
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    Thanks. I don't know if after I asked this my brain to work on it and it became more clear I spend way to much time trying to come up with the perfect FB fan page name and thinking that is what is going to create success and also taking advice from Gary Vaynerchuck's book "Jab, Jab, Left Hook" ? To add value I have been sharing meme's and share cool things but no one is biting on and which if I post my link to sell, since the group isn't growing, Traffic isn't happening, that is where I am stuck on how to build fallowers and convert.

    I am extensively constantly studying Eben Pagan's material and integrating his teaching's. That is where most my time is spent listening to audio's while I work and drive, then getting home and organizing what I learn into "How am I going to behave different based on what I have learned" Learning =Behavior Change.

    Then the moments I can fill In I post things and create media.

    Thank you, I appreciate this. Reaching out and putting myself out there on a forum for me is huge. I have always had a negative bias about forums are full of nothing but trolls that are going to just hurl childish messages at me.
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    taking advice from Gary Vaynerchuck's book

    I am extensively constantly studying Eben Pagan's material and integrating his teaching's.
    Maybe it's time to stop "following" and start developing new, innovative strategies.
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    On one level I totaly agree with you IGotmine, your probably banking, while I'm struggling to even find work or stay afloat. When I'm not shopping resumes and app's Im working on monetizing a side hustle, and the frame I approach it with is... this has to work, so I get stuck in over analyzing approaches because I don't give myself room to learn. thank you.
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    First off Wade, considering your physical abilities, this is no sweat. You are great as Deadpool.

    Gary Vee is a great energy guy to follow. Simple, powerful business advice with some kick-butt, compassionate but clear direction.

    Reaching out and putting myself out there on a forum for me is huge.

    Excellent dude. You'd be amazed at how diving into this fear will carry over into your business and all areas of your life.

    Keep creating helpful free content, and keep building your friend network. The tipping point will come. Always does, for creative, connected folks.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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