New to WSO and a bit confused

by vashet
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Hello guys,

since support does not respond to my questions, I've decided to post it here.
If this is a wrong place for such questions, please move my topic.

I'm not new to forum, but pretty new to WSO. I have some high quality products that I would like to launch for Warriors with great discount, but I have troubles with understanding the WSO mechanism.

I've found this:
'Warrior forum no longer accept any submissions to the Warrior Special Offers from community members.'
I've found also links to 'Launch a WSO', 'Launch a modern WSO'. I would like to choose a second one.

My questions:
1. Is it possible to launch a WSO by standard member like me?
2. How the payments are processed. I would like to post simple paypal 'buy now' button, but not sure if orders are processed by warrior forum or it goes directly to my account?
3. How about commission. Does warrior forum bills per launch, or they take some % from every order.

Thank you for your time and help.
Warm regards
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