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Hai warriors, im very new to the forum. and iam very fond of social media. I dedicated half of my day to it.

I Master in Facebook & Instagram, only worry about me is about #Twitter. How to create the organic twitter followers, Anything with Blackhat or WhiteHat method.
#followers #increase #twitter
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    Follow target people, then you will have 20% people follow you back.
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      Originally Posted by affmarketer101 View Post

      Follow target people, then you will have 20% people follow you back.
      I am agree with affmarketer101. But you should also post relevant content and retweets others tweet but related to your niche in order to get others attention.
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    You need to find the most popular hash tags for your niche then make quality posts using the hash tags follow others as much as you can.
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    Tweet on topic T.

    Then, engage folks interested in your niche by following hashtags related to your niche. Retweet folks. Chat aka @reply them. Tweet helpful content yourself. Follow these folks.

    Be patient in engaging humans 1 to 1 on Twitter. Followers grow.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    In addition to what other members said, you can buy followers as well. Some services provide you with followers for a specific amount of time while others will ask for payments depending on the number of followers you want to have. I don't know if I can post links here but a simple search will present you with many options. Before paying, look for reviews about the service to make sure that they deliver and will not scam you.
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    This is the hardest, but best route: Follow other people that follow accounts in your niche. Then do quality posts every day (3-5 tweets per day). You can set up auto posting (tweet scheduler) with Twitter ads account (without paying anything).
    Engage in conversations about other authors/people in your niche.
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    I have found success tweeting at optimal times
    1 using 1 to 2 hashtags
    2 using image qoutes
    3 Using twitrer analytics
    4 Tweeting fresh up to date relevant new
    5 keep tweets simple and conversational

    But outside of what I just mentioned it is easy to get involved in on conversations on twitrer without coming across as being rvasive.
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    You say you are a master of Facebook, but if I ask you how many followers you have on Facebook it won't be more than a few dozen if you have a lot. The thing is, it is a lot difficult to get followers than it is to get friends especially when you are using a personal account.

    If your account is a representation of a website, or company then it will be easier to get followers by doing things that will make people to view your profile, like using of hashtag and following others.

    Why should people follow you on twitter, what is it about you that would make people want to follow you. This means if you want people to choose to follow you after viewing your account, make sure you are doing some cool like posting of useful, helpful comment. If all you are posting is regular comment and replies, people will not see a reason to follow you.
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    1. be actually original and interesting
    2. follow people in the related niche
    3. post frequently
    4. engage people in conversation

    hit a homerun with a viral-quality tweet occasionally
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    • Use relevant hash tags
    • You tweets should be informative
    • Be Aware about the latest social media trends
    • Tweet regularly
    • Follow right people related to your niche
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    pay money for twitter?
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    Here are are Simple and Genuine Ways To Increase Twitter Followers, Likes, Views etc

    1. Engage with Other Users Content
    2. Retweet Other Users' Tweets
    3. Keep Your Tweets Brief
    4. Share a Variety of Links
    5. Respond When Someone Tweets to You

    Thanks! :-)
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    You can follow the tips given below to increase the number of followers on twitter -

    1. Write a Great Twitter Description.
    2. Spark a Conversation.
    3. Select the Right Photos.
    4. Follow the Right People.
    5. Add a Location to Your Twitter Bio.
    6. Follow Other Top Users in Your Niche.
    7. Unfollow People Who Unfollow You.
    8. Use Hashtags.

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    Be more interactive in that platform?

    If you´ve already mastered other social media platforms, twitter shouldn´t be such a big deal for you.

    I´d say you have to tweet more regularly, retweet, respond, use viral content...etc.

    Check out what Niel Patel suggests! You can watch some really good youtube videos on how to better engage in the platform and how to get more followers and traffic.
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