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Few months ago there was a lot of buzz about the google update that is coming which warns the users about websites being unsecured if they dont have SSL certificate. I dont see that update nor I am not able to find anything related to that news.

Does anyone know of any updates regarding this?

I want to offer a service where I can configure SSL certificates for clients websites. DO you have any good recommendations for the services I can use?

Or is it better to become a reseller for SSL certificates?
Please let me know your thoughts.
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    Chrome definitely rolled out the update a few months ago in its newest version and sites that don't have SSL now say "Not Secure" right next to the URL. This month, they are supposed to make the warning even more obvious by putting it in red.
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    Originally Posted by greatbizideas View Post

    Or is it better to become a reseller for SSL certificates?
    Please let me know your thoughts.
    Not much of a business, there. The wave passed a few months, ago - when the Internet was in a frenzy.

    To many places to get free SSL certificates that can be installed with a couple of clicks. Thinking that ship has sailed, but there are always laggards, I guess. The idea to business success is to be either ahead of the curve, or riding the crest of the wave - NOT trailing from behind.

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    There is a place for offering to upgrade business websites to SSL.

    Marketers use the 'news' about Google updates and HTTPS to help drive home a point to prospects.

    The main browsers these days are doing their part to make it clear whether a site is securely transmitting information over the internet (SSL / HTTPS) or not (HTTP).

    Despite a couple of earlier replies here - there is not a WordPress plugin that does it all for you. You probably already figured that out. However, you do need a plugin to help update a site with https links AFTER you have the SSL certificate.

    You could become an SSL certificate reseller...

    But IMHO that's the hard way.

    Instead you can use Cloudflare. Set up an account (free) and there is no limit to how many sites you can upgrade to SSL for free. Basically you just point to their nameservers.

    You offer SSL upgrade as a service and charge whatever you want (without having to deal with the 'overhead' of buying certs and reselling them)

    THEN you need a plugin to help 'fix' all the URL's on a site to point to HTTPS instead of HTTP.

    Really Simple SSL is a good one.

    This is not the best set up for an ecom business that needs PCI compliance. But it works fine for everyone else.

    Finding businesses that want to upgrade to SSL is a numbers game just like the rest of the web related services.

    Don't get discouraged by the people who tell you that there's no one who wants it. Businesses want it. And they will NEVER go to the trouble of finding out how to do it themselves. Internet marketers might go to the trouble...but that's not your market.

    Good luck!
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    This is a little old now and most hosting companies make it very easy. I personally am not sure how much demand there is out there for this.
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