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Hi all,
My name is Cleo & I'm from London UK.
I recently created my first ever information product & before launching & selling it on a digital products selling platform wanted to get some feedback & advice here.
After reading a book that not only helped me become teetotal but transformed my whole outlook on life for the better, tried telling people that I knew were also genuinely ready & looking for a method to help them become teetotal.
Thanks to another book, I realised that it made no sense sharing this life changing information if it was only bringing about little or no action due to costing them nothing. So I created a 565 word report/review for the book to sell as an information product for £1.99, $2.60, in order to best make sure people made maximum use of the information I was sharing. If people aren't happy with the info product, I've emphasised that they can ask for their money back & get it with absolutely no hassle.
Any feedback & advice on strengthening the product, seeing it more clearly & most importantly, where I'm being nonsensical would be greatly appreciated.
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    Yes your report/book could do very well.

    You need to produce a cover for it - you could get this done cheaply on

    Then you need a good advert and web page to sell it from.

    You could sell it on Ebay - but I think you need to have it available in cd format to sell it from there.

    Self help book and reports have the potential to make a lot of money.

    You might be able to expand on your short report and create a series of videos from it as these are now regarded of more value. So instead of selling it for $2.60 as an ebook you could sell it as a course for $15 - $50.

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks so much for your reply Ged!
      Sorry for delay in replying, only just logged back in to the forum again as checked for several weeks after posting but nothing.
      Have noted all points of advice and direction & have been actually working on expanding it into a 1-2-1 8 week personal weekly email, telephone or video call product too, there's been lots to consider, but that's what I strongly felt would have improved the value of an already great product for me - in high hindsight.
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    565 word report/review
    This is not an information product.

    Instead of trying to sell what is, in essence, a "lead magnet" you should offer it as such and promote whatever you are promoting to people who opt-in.

    I don't know how you would convince people to buy your report without grossly hyping what people will find after they pay.

    If you want to recoup some investment on the frontend you can always have an OTO in your sales funnel.

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      I'm sorry for delay in replying, only just logged back into the forum, had logged in to check for several weeks but there was nothing.

      This was my initial observation too, but wanted to create something with a more in-depth and personalised take on my life altering experience with the product; and so here I am.
      Thanks so much for your reply Brent!
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    Hi Cleo! Welcome to wf!

    What do you want to get out of this forum?
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    I believe you started the launching of your eBook on the right foot.

    The fact that you are writing from your own experience makes your content fresh and original. It only remains to check out if your perspective in presenting the info is your own or copied someone else's.

    The pricing is also okay but you are not going to make an income out of it unless you monetize your eBook in future updates. That is, adding offers, related to the content, with your referral link.
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