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Hey all. So I hired someone from fiverr to help speed up my site. Looks like he just put a bunch of plugins on which did speed it up.
I took my page with the most hits and spent a lot of time improving it. Added affiliate links and organized it better....well now, it's showing up as super slow, which obviously impacted my search results because in the last 3 days it hasn't had any hits!
I am using GT Metrix to scan the page and it is failing in several areas. Im trying to research how to speed it up, but it's all gibberish to me. Any suggestions on how to speed up pages without knowing how to code? I know the obvious, compress images as much as possible. But I don't even know what these mean:
-Enable gzip compression
-Enable Keep-Alive
-Defer parsing of JavaScript
-Minimize redirects
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    Page speed generally depends on your hosting. If you are on a shared server you really don't have much control and are subject to the resource use of others affecting your site.

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    Actually, without knowing how to use the code it's hard to make the improvements. Have you checked Google's official tool Page Speed Insight tool? It may give you clear ideas.

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    Originally Posted by Chicken Little Cocoa View Post

    ... which obviously impacted my search results because in the last 3 days it hasn't had any hits! ...
    I'm not sure if you can make that assumption. You know that it likely affected rankings if ... well ... your rankings are worse now.
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    I had similar issues with slow page loads.

    I used Cloudfare starting about a month ago. So far, it seems to have helped. I'm also going to take my two blogs off shared hosting and put them on a dedicated server. I think that will help.
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    I don't really bother with wordpressand so on. I go with services that can garunatee me fast speed. 99% of time, I use clickfunnels for my stuff.
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    You should have a reliable web host. This could be a crucial component on how to achieve good page load speed. You are going to chose the right option to fit your needs.
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