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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a system that won't cost too much to get up and running. I'd love to do something with Shopify or similar.(I had a great Shopify course but I can no longer access it and have tried for months now to contact the seller with no response )

Or anything to do with CPA. I'm happy to do paid advertising. I've made money in the past with Markethealth using bing ads but I bought a done for you service so would love training to do it myself.

Also last thing. Has anyone done a press release recently? I was going to implement a strategy but not sure if press releases still work these days and also if I'm going to do an embarrassing subject for the press release are there ones that are too "risqué" like the penis enlargement niche?

Sorry for the paragraph I'm really desperate to earn. It's almost Christmas and I havn't even bought my kids presents as I'm 2 months behind in rent after being off most of this year sick.

Thank you in advance everyone.
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    If you're looking for a course for CPA, I'd recommend affLIFT, Aff Playbook or STM.

    Sorry I'm not sure about Shopify right now.
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    There was a little CPA course that used traffic from facebook ads tier 3 countries to blogs that had google adsense banner ads added to them, that looked pretty cool. I think it's called sense drill and it's fairly cheap.

    Look for the vendor Ivana in warrior plus. I think she mostly does CPA courses that are cheap and pretty awesome.

    Hope that helps, at least a bit
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    Thank you everyone. Have any of you used any of these courses?

    Halloween may be over but you can still check out these awesome Sons Of Anarchy Halloween costumes, these are quality items and not just for Halloween.

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    Press releases, are a good option and still in practice. It helps you build authority and share quality information for the readers.
    As for the courses, you can always go for as many as you like on the LMS based sites.

    Online Training and CPE Certification for finance and accounting professionals.

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    Best thing to do to get going is to create your own website and create content and you can earn from it by ads and also affiliate products.
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    Your best option that does not cost too much is affiliate marketing. It will teach you how to get traffic and conversions so when you start your own store you will know what to do. And it can be pretty cheap you can even do it completely free. Shopify is good but it is so saturated and it costs money. You need to buy the products, test the products with ads, keep running ads to keep traffic coming in and pay for the membership. A lot of gurus say it is so easy and costs no money but that is just wrong it will cost you quite a bit to get it up and running. For courses, I would just buy one for internet marketing. In my opinion, Tai Lopez SMMA program is so good for this it is quite expensive but you learn so much about internet marketing, selling to people and social media. I bought it and it was the best purchase I have ever made.

    Hope this helps!

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      Originally Posted by Jesse Carr View Post

      Hope this helps!-Jesse
      Please remove the link from your post. Reported as SPAM!

      "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    There are many ways to earn online.

    I won't advertise any courses, but to be honest you won't be able to make any money till Christmas. It takes time to make money, and it takes time to receive a payout.
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