How can i promote my Shopify store?

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I need strategies i can put in place and get sales before xmas
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    Originally Posted by oladele olalekan kingsley View Post

    I need strategies i can put in place and get sales before xmas
    I hope you're referring to Christmas 2019.

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    I think you should use Facebook and Instagram for your store.
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    Certainly advertising is going to get you the greatest exposure in the shortest amount of time. Where you do that is kind of niche-dependent, so it is hard to answer without knowing the niche.

    Oh, and if it the same old AliExpress/Shopify kind of store, forget it. People will never get their stuff in time for Christmas at this late date.
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    No chance. You could try but would probably just loose money this close to Christmas and more than likely people wont receive their stuff.
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    Depends on your store, either way, create social media pages for it and grow those. Network with people, pay for Instagram influencer shoutouts etc. Also, create a brand story video explaining what your brand is and how it is unique and create a simple $5 FB ad.

    Hope this helps!
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      Originally Posted by Jesse Carr View Post

      Hope this helps! -Jesse
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    that great you just need to go ahead no things can stop you
    just doing the math for your sort
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    You can still find some POD companies that can ship in this period (teescape or teelaunch).

    But it all depend on the way you're going to advertise.
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    With only a couple weeks until Xmas, I'd have to say paid advertising would be your best method.
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    If you are looking for sales before this Xmas then I think that paid advertising will be the best ones for some fast results. But you should also look at the long-term vision for your store. Like
    • Seo
    • Also, write some blogs on your store about your some products. it helps a lot in seo
    • Building an Instagram page of your Store.
    • Create an E-mail list of your customers.
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    paid advertising, for sure.

    You need tonnes of targeted high quality buyers (who doesn't, right?).

    So depending on your niche and offer, i truly believe, something like instagram influencer marketing, where you can get thousands of impressions really quickly for $20-$60, is going to be your best bet.

    PPC stuff like bing ads and facebook would work too, but it also depends on your budget. People that are on facebook aren't actually looking to buy, so i think it's best is an influencer recommends something because people trust these "influencer" people, which will make conversions a lot better for you
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      Originally Posted by ashraftuhin View Post

      I am an expert Digital Marketer. [/B]
      If that were true you wouldn't be blatantly spamming forums.

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    For better and fast results you have to use paid ads, I will suggest if you have 10-15 products in your store,order 5 products for your use, make review videos of 5 products, then promote those videos in FB and Instagram with proper value it provides by that you are educating your audience and showing them how it is by testing yourself.
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  • Blogging and facebook are my favourite ways to get traffic

    Blogging takes a while to build traffic but if you consistantly post most days you will eventually start getting good targeted traffic

    To get good targeted traffic on facebook you need to be interacting with people. This is because fb has programed their algorithm to use Signals That Heavily Favor Active Interactions such as comments and likes, so when you post on your facebook timeline, it doesnt matter whether you have 5 or 5000 friends, if no one has liked or commented on that post very few people will see it.

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    You can promote your store a couple of ways.

    Set up a blog and write about your niche. You can write about product reviews, product comparisons, and things that are going on in the industry that your products relate to.

    If you are already generating sales, you should be capturing your customers emails for email marketing. Have an autoresponder set up so you can stay in contact with your customers. If they bought once, they can definitely buy again.
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    Maybe you need the help of many apps to manage your store and create sales.
    For example, the Facebook chat box to support your customers every time and everywhere.
    Upsell Crossâ€'Sell Smart Tool to show upsell and cross-sell products when your customers click "Add to cart" or "Checkout" to boost sales. Besides, you can create discounted upsell and cross-sell products such as buy X get Y, get free shipping, percentage and fixed amount.
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