how to startup with warrior forum

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here i try post new thread but moderator delete it so how to get approval
#forum #startup #warrior
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    You have posted ads, copy/paste from other sites, short comments that don't make sense in the thread they are posted in, and customer service questions about other sites/products.

    Learn to use the search function to answer simple questions - post comments that are related to the thread you post in and add something to the discussion.

    I know it's not easy to post in a language not your own...but posts have to make sense and mods will enforce the rules.

    If you start off by reading threads you will have a better idea of what is and is not acceptable in posts here.
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    Read Rules and Regulations of this forum community first. Then go for posting a new thread or reply on other's thread.
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    Me too. I realized you should be able to reply with value here and of course make sure that it is relevant to the thread. it may take some time...
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    Read the rules and guidelines first that way you can get the inside scoop of the do's and dont's .
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  • Other than not following the forum rules and guidelines, your thread may be too common which similar threads already exist.
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