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Hello everyone,

I started working online many years ago as freelance developer.

During my free time I always tried to generate passive income. In certain period I started to earn very good using some affiliate programs.

One time, by coincidence, I connected with an small internet company and they asked me to help them promoting their service (now they are a very famous company in the online world). I said yes and I asked them to create an special link for me to track my referrals (it was not a typical referral ID, it was a keyword that didn't look like a typical referral link).

Because of this, I started to make very good money. I was so excited and started to travel around the world. After some years the passive income disappeared because they implemented a new referral program and they deleted my special link.

I was not wise enough to generate other parallel businesses at that time instead of spending all the money without limit. Because believe me, when you can travel around the world and you can go to any ATM and get money that is coming from your passive business, it is one of the best feelings that I experienced in my life, but certainly a dangerous feeling if you are not wise.

During all this time I was also doing freelance development and despite this is a very good job (I can manage the time as I wish) it is not a real business because I'm selling my time and I can't multiple my income without limit.

So I'm coming back and this time will be quite different. That's why I would like to connect with great warriors from all around the world with whom I can share ideas and help each other to fulfill this dream and accomplish a great victory!
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