Beginners Who Need Help With The Online Game! Read and Absorb...

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I have finally got back to the Warrior Forum where some of my success started.... I feel the need to give back to the people just getting started, or trying to get off the ground.

1. Stop buying product after product.....

2. Pick an area like Affiliate marketing and become a student of it.

3. Do not bounce around and buy one shiny object after another. This online game can turn into an addiction and you do not even realize it. You will buy product after product and every software out there claiming to fix your financial situation. You will chase dreams, but without putting any effort or work in.

4. Realize now that you have to work this like any other business, there is no get rich quick here. You will have to do work every day in the beginning... Once you get a good consistent income rolling in, then you can outsource and automate things to free up more time for yourself.

5. Network and get to know people in your area. This can open up doors for you.

6. Do not be afraid to fail! Through your failures will come success if you keep your focus. Once again, there is no focus with trying to do 25 different things on 25 different subjects with 25 different softwares. I hope this all sinks in and makes sense. I am trying to explain it the best I can.

7. Once you focus on 1 thing, you MUST and I say MUST TAKE ACTION....... So many people buy something, try it for a night or a couple days and quit, or say its a scam. Any technique in my opinion needs at least 30 days from my experience to start to work...... Unless you jump right into a pre-made system/funnel and start paid advertising right away. Not everyone has money to jump right into paid ads. You can run up a big bill with this too.

In closing, I hope this helps a few of you out. (edit by mod)
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  • You must take action! You should atleast turn a profit in your online business within the first 30 days. If not, should you try something new for the next 30 days? I'm not sure if that's what you suggesting.

    At least be committed for a full year to your craft, and track your results after one year. The beginner should also have a monthly advertising budget. They are running an online business. Online Businesses who advertise their products and services online, usually generate more sales online, than online businesses who don't. You can easily outmaneuver your competition by having effective advertising campaigns, that reach the greater majority of your target market.
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