How do I grow my ebusiness with affilaites?

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Hi and happy new year,

We've created a new affiliate programme and looking for ways that actually WORK to get them aboard.

I want to figure out how to promote the programme before I waste the time, energy and $$$.

I've tried asking this question in various forms and after waiting several hours (supposed to be 60 secs) get it deleted on WF because they want it as a paid advert. I tried a WSO but no response. It's a legitimate question and one that many vendors need an answer to.

If the moterators want a paid ad then I look to you guys to let us know if it's worth while and how to get the best bang for the buck?

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    Affiliate marketing can be thought of as re-appropriated showcasing, in which you're enlisting partners who are paid to bring you clients. In the event that they drive guests to your site, you don't need to pay them. You possibly pay them on the off chance that they convert guests into clients. Click to buy essays. While you are attempting to produce traffic as an advertiser, the fundamental objective is to build the quantity of clients. On the off chance that you create a million guests per month, however the guests don't liken to more leads or income, it's practically pointless. This is the reason the associate promoting space is so famous, particularly in the web facilitating industry, where a large portion of their business is from offshoots.
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    I just copy/pasted a few of the ideas from our eCommerce training course on how to get affiliates ...

    Omnistar has a nice list of affiliate directories that you can list on -

    You might also try inviting topically related sites to become an affiliate by doing a few Google searches for various keyword phrases related to your niche/market and cruising through the results to find high-ranking sites that appear to be ad or affiliate based (as opposed to selling products or services themselves). Write up a nice email template that invites them to join your affiliate program and send it to all the sites you find.

    If you've been running Google AdWords PPC ads using the Display Network, you can log in to your Google AdWords account and see a list of all the sites that have ever displayed one of your ads. These sites are perfect candidates to receive an affiliate invite! (They've essentially pre-qualified themselves as topically-related sites willing to promote related sites' products.) Reach out to these site owners directly and invite them to become an affiliate for your store.
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    Get affiliate you can also contact with other people in your industry.

    You might be thinking it's not a good way but it's really a very nice way with which you can absolutely grow yeah it's a number game if you are going to ask to 10 people one will help you and you will be able to start with that.

    You can also get affiliate by listing your product on the market places for example in the case of the internet marketing products JVzoo is a Marketplace.
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    One good Way is to prepare all the tools that Affiliates will need to promote your products, you will make it easy for them.
    Offer prices for the best affiliates

    Also you can offer them an good commission to motivate them.
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