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How reverse guest posting really varies from guest posting?
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    "Reverse guest posting (a term coined by Peter Attia here) turns the process of regular guest posting on it's head.

    Whereas guest posting usually involves writing content for another website and linking back to your own website from that post (usually in the author bio)

    Reverse guest posting is different.

    Instead of writing for other websites, you find well-known bloggers in your industry and pay them to write for your site.

    Because they're well known in the industry - and already have a large following of their own - they'll almost always promote their post they write, often sharing it with their audience and linking to it.

    This will bring a large influx of targeted traffic to your website.

    If your content is good enough to impress, some of those visitors will most likely link to your post from their own website(s) too." - Reverse Guest Posting | The SEO Project

    Google is your friend.
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