I NEED help with promoting!!

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Hello everyone,
I have an online business where I sell leggings for women and children of all sizes. BUT I'm having issues with promoting, I have no idea how to promote things online or to catch peoples attention. Does anyone have any tips?? Thanks!
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    Have you tried using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site? That is what I'm using and it is great!
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    Originally Posted by ReneeRedemption View Post

    Hello everyone,
    I have an online business where I sell leggings for women and children of all sizes. BUT I'm having issues with promoting, I have no idea how to promote things online or to catch peoples attention. Does anyone have any tips?? Thanks!
    Im in the exact same niche... a facebook page with images of " princesses " and hollywood types and models and pretty much anyone famous wearing leggings.. its a good start. I have actually gone to bigger cities ( I am from a S M A L L town ) and ask to take pictures of ladies wearing Leggins and have a "Local Girl" thing I do with Instagram.

    I run ads on both Insta and Facebook for page likes,and actual pushing them over to my site. Have to be real careful with the site campaigns.. margins are pretty tight - kinda need to know what you are doiing there.

    All in all the site and its social satellites do pretty good.. not as good as some of my other sites.. but it holds it own and really Leggins are a year round market so thats pretty awesome.

    Just keep working at it.. youll get there!

    Hope that Helps!
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    Pinterest is great for niches with visual appeal like yours. I would definitely create a Pinterest account and put up boards with relevant topics / keywords.

    There is plenty of info on the 'net as well as in paid courses on how to promote using Pinterest.

    You can definitely test Facebook ads, but you need to be careful and know a bit of how to optimize your promos well on an ongoing basis, etc. Quite doable, though.

    All the best with your efforts!
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    Try Instagram shoutouts. Contact large woman accounts about fashion and buy shoutouts. Provide them with an image about your product.
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    There are two ways you can promote your products

    one of them is using Instagram

    On Instagram also you can promote your product in two ways.

    One way is to contact Instagram influencers who are having 10,000 followers, 50,000 followers 100,000 followers.

    and theyn going to charge a specific amount of money for 24 hours and they will do 1 post for you on their profile.

    and the other way is you can simply start running ads on the Instagram.

    but what I have found is Instagram influencers really works very well because they do have relationship with their followers you will get higher conversation with them.

    there are a lot of websites via which you can contact Instagram influencers or you can also reach out to Instagram influencers by Direct message to them or by sending the email which you can find in their bio.

    And the second way is you can start running the Facebook ads.

    Facebook ads can really be a great way and you can also start with Facebook ads with little money like $5 a day.

    and the more and more money you are going to put in the more and more exposure you will get.

    there are many other ways to promote your products but I think these 2 are great places in your field.
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    I think social media its good for your niche like pinterest ,facebook groups ,twitter etc
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    You can promote your business through social media marketing. It will help to improve your reach & you can get leads also.
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    Your own simple fashion show with Youtube live streaming in periodic time. And if possible to throw away some prizes for your live viewer (or even great discount in the same day of your broadcast).

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    It takes some time Renee but the easiest way is to promote other folks in your niche and ask for nothing. Friendships grow organically, then you've 5, 10 and 50 trusted people in your niche promoting you. Fool proof way for lasting, ever-increasing sales, too. Be generous. Be patient.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Hi, do you have a website? if yes, you can start to get traffic through social media. If not, it's better to have one because it gives exposure to get leads and from those leads have sales.

    Facebook and instagram can be an awesome platform for advertising if you get it the right way. Nowadays organic traffic is pretty much dead, but the paid one can give incredible results. But for starter, you can start using the organic and paid. Gavin Bell is a facebook expert advertiser and has video on Youtube on how to make facebook advertising for small businesses.

    To grab people attention, you give value. You need incredible content, and if it is video, better because nowadays is the best one for engagement. We create content actually people want to see, something entertaining, informative that solve their problems and answers their questions That is because when they see on their feed is not like: "Oh, someone stranger is selling something" instead "ah! that's a stranger sharing something with me" so they watch it, consume it and start to build a relationship with that person. Think: what can we create that our perfect customer would actually love to see?

    Hope it helps that some information
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    I am glad that you want to sell but the dynamics of marketing have changed.In this day in time people are buying into experiences so you have to tap into their emotions.There is much work to be done if you want to make sales. You need to get busy on insta ,youtube ,facebook and test .You need create stories around your products and services that inspire people to buy.
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    Yes, I think social media, is definitely the way to promote and it takes time and attention. If you have a website, you should regularly post it to twitter, facebook and pinterest. I'd also include a profile on linkedin. Hope this helps
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    I think Pinterest combined with Instagram Ads would definitely help you selling leggings for children and women. Your audience will most likely use these platforms.
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