What to do with top performing pages and keywords?

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I have a list of my top 100 performing pages of my site, that comes from an organic position from 1-5 in all search engines.

How to best utilize this data that contribute over 50% of my current organic traffic:
--A: Create more pages like those using the same keywords and key phrases with unique content
--B: Keep editing those performing pages with new content to stay on top
--C: Link other similar content in those pages to increase page views
--D: Suggestions

Ultimate goal: Use this data to multiply my current traffic as much as we can.

Thanks in advance
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  • You should keep updating those performing pages and keep interacting with the readers. You can create more unique content targeting other keywords and link other pages to those performing pages to get more page view.
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  • It's hard to say without having all the details. Does the content have to change on those pages? Is it better for users to bookmark it and check it out for the same info or do they keep coming back because it's constantly changing and is relevant?
    If you can make more pages with unique content and similar keywords then you should definitely go for it. At least then you can see how it performs without hindering the content that already exists.
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    Thank you very much for your support, to help explain the situation more:
    - Existing content is one size fits all kind of very useful and debatable content, that does not require regular updating and that's why it's listing on top places since last few years.
    - We can update those old content (if it helps / advisable) but people reading it need not to come back for an update as it's an ongoing debatable topic and no one is wrong or right in that, just a good helpful read.

    My query is how to increase organic traffic with this current proven strategy and right keywords we have in hand:
    - Add more similar content to have more organic reach
    - Update existing pages to attract more users - if that works out with search engines, as out of 100 pages, in 30-40% we are number 1 and rest 60% we are still in 2-5 placement.
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    with the idea being to EXTEND reach and create more traffic.. and if you are saying your 100 pages we are discussing here are all in the top 5 on SERPS.. don't touch them. IF you want MORE traffic you need to focus on OTHER keywords.

    Basically a year from now.. you shouldn't have 100 pages with top 5 you should have 200 and your traffic should basically double more or less.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Well updating the content on your top pages may result in rank loss.You can keep update the blog of your website which power other pages. Share an information related to your niche business and link that to your important pages. Create high Quality backlinks for your website which help in stabilizing it.
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