Techniques to decrease the page load time

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What techniques should be adopted for decreasing the loading time of a website ?

Some methods i have gone through are :
-Enable browser caching
-Optimizing CSS
-Optimizing Images

What else could help in decreasing page load time?
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    Don't use most wordpress themes or plugins LOL. Seriously, most are resource hogs that slow your site down. I've been using WP or over 5 years now and the more I use it, the less I like it. Just my personal opinion.
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    Is your testing done across various equipped hardware and connection speeds?
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      Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post

      Is your testing done across various equipped hardware and connection speeds?
      Not yet. Does it really matter most?
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    We do a number of different things depending on what CMS you are using.

    One of my favourite tools is something called Nitropack from the guys at Isense labs. It is a module for Opencart.

    It structures a complete performance optimisation framework and you can get some seriously fast speeds with their module if you are an Opencart user.

    We have sites running with Google page scores of 87-89 which is about as fast as we can get them.

    Basically the areas where speed is saved are in things like caching, minification, Gzip HTTP compression, running the site through a CDN like Cloudflare or Rackspace or Amazon Cloudfront, and image optimisation.

    Best regards,

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    I would like to share the article with you => How To Reduce Server Response Time In WordPress To Under 200ms (The Item From Google PageSpeed Insights)

    It helps a lot for my own website. Hope it helps you too.
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    usually its because people use a lot of useless plugins or its because excessive images which takes a lot of data

    try to use less plugins or less or smaller images

    or pay for a premium account which will run your web on a faster servers
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    Well If you are using wordpress Website then remove all the plugins Except few. Other than that they make your website slow. Miniaturise the CSS and jave scripts, Optimize images and check your hosting provider for your server issues.
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    The most common techniques are enabling browser caching, optimizing CSS and images. But page load time can decreased by optimizing content, reducing 301 redirects,minimising HTTP requests etc
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