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Hi friends I just joined newly, I hoping to get some advice here. I want to create a website where I can talk about my country nigeria, keeping people posted with news, politics and other things happening in Nigeria but am just so confused on how to go about this.
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    Blog is a way to go.

    If you don't have money to invest, I would advise you to start with blogger.

    And, it would be much more professional to invest in .com domain from beginning.

    Cheers !
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      Would you recommend some specific hosting mate? (I am in - kinda- similar situation...

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        Originally Posted by YDM307 View Post

        Would you recommend some specific hosting mate? (I am in - kinda- similar situation...

        Siteground is a very good hosting platform. I've also used Bluehost in the past, but Siteground is seeming to be the better option at the moment.
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    You need to identify who you would like to target and start sharing relevant content .So you are going to have to test different platforms and fish out your audience.
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    Domain name cost $1 with some coupon code, hosting also cost few bucks.

    Just get started, start blogging, writing posts and you will receive more and more traffic.
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    There are many free blog platforms out there such as wordpress. Id start off there and learn about creating content and learning how to optimize your articles for keywords and such. Learn about backlinking and social media. These are all things that can help with the organic process and help you build a following.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Hey Neng, i was in the same position as you awhile back, as most persons say, you will need a wordpress website and a domain to host it. you will also need to research Keywords to rank in google so you can get visitors to your site and finally, write blogs about interesting information about the great country of Nigeria which i hope to visit someday.
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    You can start a website.

    Here's how you do it:

    1. Perform Niche Research

    Before you do anything else you want to have a feel for the market. Is there a need for this type of website? Can you offer something better than the other people in the market doing the same thing? You want to take a moment and evaluate the market before you go diving head first.

    2. Get some hosting

    To get hosting for your website you can either go to or If you are low on funds you can also try as they are the cheaper option.

    Now if you really don't have any money you should either save some or you can use or to get started.

    Once you get up and running or you have the money available you should get some real hosting.

    3. Buy Your Domain

    A domain is the name you'll use for your website. You can go to and purchase a domain there. I've been using them for years and to me they're the best in the game right now. Godaddy is another good option especially if you're low on cash. Godaddy offers your first domain for .99.

    4. Link Your Domain and Hosting

    To get your website online you're going to need to link your hosting and your domain name. There are many videos on Youtube to show you how to do this depending on the host you choose.

    It's a simple process and if you need help you can always PM me.

    Also, you can set up WordPress on your site. Again there are many guides to show you how to do this.

    5. Set Up Relevant Pages On Your Site

    An About Us Page - this is the page on your site you'll set up to tell them what your site is about.

    A Contact Page - this is the page you set up so people can reach out to you on your website.

    Other relevant pages - if you're going to be offering affiliate products on your site then a good idea is to include a disclaimers page. You'll also want to include a privacy policy page on your site.

    6. Build Your List

    Building your list is essential to having a successful website. Go to and sign up. You can also go to GetResponse.

    These programs help you with building your email list.

    With the traffic you get to your site you want to be building your email list. A list allows you to build a valuable asset for your website.

    To begin building your list you will offer something for free in exchange for an email address. This could be something like a free ebook or video or something you think the people in your niche will want.

    They will put their email into the email box and be added to your list. There are many guides online to teach you how to do this successfully.

    7. Populate The Site With Content

    Every website on the internet is run with content. Content makes the internet world go around. You can either write it yourself or get someone else to write it for you.

    You want to create high-value content for the people in your niche. Your content should seek to help and educate your niche. The more you do this the more people will love your content and keep coming back to your blog.

    Hope this helps.
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    Create a blog with wordpress, you need a domain and a hosting service, Bluehost is a good one and you can get a free domain with Bluehost

    Before creating the content you should do some keyword research to see what people interested in. For keyword research, you can use google keyword planner or another good one is ubersuggest.

    After you do the research, for the traffic part, you should learn some SEO and the long tail keyword is the way to go in my opinion. Also because you are building site for news, politics, etc.. use google trends, youtube trending and buzzsumo to find the trending topic
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