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I've written 3 cozy mystery Kindle ebooks that are 90K words each. Combined, they do about $18 in sales a month, which is pathetic, but I haven't done any marketing (They started earning $60 a month but then came down to $18). I do, however, get a couple of emails every year from readers who are eager to read the next instalment.

The trouble is that I am a slow writer. It takes me about 10 months to write a book (Cozy mysteries require a lot of work to set up and resolve red herrings).

I changed tracks and decided to do a romance book, as they don't require as much planning. This time I developed the concept but hired a ghostwriter to produce the book as I figured it would be quicker. Finding a writer that stuck to my concept was hard work (nearly as time-consuming as writing a book), however, I eventually found one, who delivered the finished manuscript in a week. The work produced was weak, but re-writing it into something decent only took a fortnight. Clearly, I am much faster re-writer than a writer.

This single book does about $10 month in sales (after the initial launch where it did $150), which is also pathetic, but again I have done no marketing. As before, I get emails from readers who are keen to read more.

I got sidetracked by life and so haven't done anything book-related for almost a year, but I would like to give it another stab to turn it into a viable business.

The areas I need to crack are:
1) Hiring ghostwriters
(so I can turn around books more quickly). They don't have to be great writers, as I will be re-writing their work, but they do need to stick to my concepts.
2) Marketing my books.
There's a lot of information on the internet, which is often contradictory. I've tried some of the free marketing options such as submitting to book sites and notice I get a tripling in sales when I do this. However, I am not sure what paid solutions to use.

I would appreciate it if someone could give me some pointers. Thanks!
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    You explained your dilemma well but you haven't yet utilized what is available to you on this forum.

    Start by reading everything Tifffany wrote in the 'path' thread below....then do a forum search (click on 'search' above - click on 'advanced search' and look for the keyword (Kindle) "in title".


    There are many threads about promoting, writing, etc for Kindle. There is so much free info about marketing kindle books here - but you need to access it.

    Promoting kindle ebooks is critical to sales - but the quality of the books and targeting a specific niche of readers is equally as critical. It sounds as if you need a process of planning/outlining/plotting/character development that might speed up the writing.

    There are a lot of good threads about Kindle here - so settle in and start reading.
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