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I have keywords related to 3 different niches to start Amazon Affiliate Site. Right now I am confused. Should I go for 3 different sites or I can create 1 common site.

Niches are

Women Health
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    Originally Posted by babusmagic View Post

    Niches are

    Women Health
    Those are not niches, they are broad markets.
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    Yeah I agree here you need to find niches within these sectors. Food and beauty could mean hundreds of things.
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    3 different sites, the themes are clearly unrelated and would allow you to serve those broad markets with their own specific products and affiliate offers.
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    Are you an expert in these broad markets? Why would someone buy affiliate offerings through you? Just some questions to get you thinking and to give you more clarity.
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    the themes are clearly unrelated
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      Originally Posted by David Curry View Post

      the themes are clearly unrelated
      Actually, I thought the opposite thing when I saw them. You could easily tie all three things into one site if you wanted to. Health and what you eat are closely related which leads to a more beautiful you.

      That said, it could only be done by narrowly focusing on micro niches that allow you to incorporate all three.
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    You will do well to narrow the niche selection by a lot. An example to a very broad selection would be fishing but it could be narrowed to something like fish detectors or salt water fly rods.Look deeper and find exactly the types of things you want to sell.
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