Finding where your target customers hang-out

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What are the ways to find out where your customers hang out - physically or mentally ie periodicals they read/ groups they belong to etc?
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    you could do this by surveying them.
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    Most people hang out online on social media now, and physically at some pub/bar/cafe or any travel/tourism spot areas.

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    Google the topic of interest along with the word "forum"
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    Originally Posted by hellotr View Post

    What are the ways to find out where your customers hang out - physically or mentally ie periodicals they read/ groups they belong to etc?
    Do you have an idea of who your target market is, so we can give a little more focused answers?

    Over the years I have noticed several distinct stratification levels of niches:

    -Corporate professionals (found in their offices, rarely go out, rarely go to events; mostly reachable through periodicals, white papers, direct mail)

    -Independent professionals (work from home or small office/co-working space; generally found on LinkedIn, or at local networking events)

    -Keyboard Warriors (at home or coffeeshop; usually on Facebook)

    -Small business owners (at their place of business; can be encountered at BNI-type meetings.)

    Each is distinct and there isn't much spillover. The people in different strata don't tend to mix.

    You need to choose which you feel most comfortable with.
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      Thanks for a detailed answer Jason.
      I'm looking for business owners with staff between 10-50.
      Your observations are similar to what I've seen too - thought you've done a great job to stratifying them
      I'm trying to find periodicals that these customer group may be reading - Any thoughts on that?
      My services go across sectors and am trying to find which niches it will serve best.
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    Here are a few ideas:

    1. Check out the 50 most popular websites for your niche
    2. Search for forums for your niche
    3. Research magazines and trade journals for your niche
    4. Survey your best customers
    5. Check out Meetup
    6. Search for Facebook groups with your keyword in it

    That would be my starting point. I hope that helps.
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    check facebook groups

    Facebook is giving groups more relevancy now a days. You´ll find really active customers there. Just join some groups that have a substacial amount of members in them. The more active it is, the better. Passionate niches are a plus too. A really good example is woodworking groups. This one in particular was heavily targeted a few months ago, and the facebook groups on this are insane.
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      Originally Posted by msulcs View Post

      To find clients I like Forums, Subreddits, FB Groups, Quora.
      It looks like we are on the same page. This is also what I do.

      Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Everyone is on Facebook Groups, Instagram and YouTube.
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  • You can find them on social media well its considered as your best friend now a days
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