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Dose amp affects seo?
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    AMP itself isn't a factor in SEO but speed is, so in theory is does affect it indirectly. AMP creates speed, speed increases SEO.
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      Originally Posted by jmosticc22 View Post

      AMP itself isn't a factor in SEO but speed is, so in theory is does affect it indirectly. AMP creates speed, speed increases SEO.
      (Unless you are a well-known news site or magazine and then you can have the slowest pages in the world and Google will still rank you at the top).
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    About me page yes

    Any page on your website effects your seo in some way .If you dormant pages on your website delete them.Like wise if your about me page isn't optimized with search terms related to your niche it can hurt your ranking.
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    A few things to keep in mind re AMP:

    AMP is a Google development that was designed to make pages load more quickly on hand-held devices. It does this by stripping out what the AMP platform decides is non-critical HMTL, reducing the number of ad links on your site (I think only one ad link is left), removing some images, removing some JavaScript, etc. Basically, it's serving up a stripped down version of your site to mobile device visitors.

    AMP pages are not served from your domain. They are served from Google's AMP cache, so a visitor to your AMP pages, who spends time browsing round, is spending time on Google's domain, not yours.

    Ultimately, AMP is another tool that Google is using in order to fashion the web in a way that makes its job of providing search results easier. And, given that AMP sites are served from Google's AMP cache, that potentially gives Google the opportunity to find ways to insert ads they are being paid for - so they could be restricting ads that pay you, and inserting ads that pay them. (Important: this is not happening yet, to my knowledge, but it's a potential move in the future, given the control Google has).

    AMP is still largely used by major media sites (BBC, LATimes, NYTimes, etc) and, while its take-up is growing, there are still no real benefits to a regular website from using AMP - assuming, of course, that your website is well-optimised, responsive and loads fast on mobile devices!


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    Yes AMP affects SEO because as it web pages opens within a second in mobile device. It reduces bounce rate and search engine consider web page as useful and gives priority to it.
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    You can increase your site speed via AMP and better site speed give you higher rankings so it can effect SEO indirectly way. Also, When you implement AMP on any blog site then blogs might get the chance to appear in google news that will give you more traffic to website.
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    I put the AMP plugin in a while back, but did not set it up fully. Been wondering lately if I should pull it out, but I also read that can be messy. Not sure if my type of site is best for AMP, but it's really no good if it's not set up correctly either.

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