How do I find lowly ranked websites, blogs or niche sites online?

by evopo
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what is the best way to find blogs/websites/niche sites that:

a.)receive very low traffic (less than 100 per month)
b.)have a high bounce rate
c.)do not have any or very few (1 to 5) backlinks

I have tried different methods, e.g,
i.) searching on google. However, Google does not display results over 1000 (most are even less than 200). If you go to the 200th, or even 700th one, these sites do not meet the above mentioned criteria.
ii.) I have tried forums to no avail.
iii.) i have tried online directories, but it seems that sites listed here do not meet the criteria above (a,b and c)
iv.) i have NOT tried physical directories for the simple fact that they either have websites that are highly ranked or do not have any at all.

I am trying to find at least 20 per day for a different niche every five days. My efforts have only produced 1 per day, which is pretty disappointing.

Is there any software out there or method that, say, if I input the below parameters (either all or some of them)
- keyword: "Paleo Diet"
-traffic: "less than 200/month"
-bounce rate: "over 70%"
-backlinks: "5"

would give me what i am looking for?

Is there a way you can search google for the above?

Please help...
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