I am changing the spin of my business but

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Due to recent personal events, I am cutting down on the SEO/SMM services I provide; I am sticking only with Social media as this is easy to carry out by myself and even with the use of a phone. Also I am transforming from an agency to a personal service.

But as I progress and since I -right now- have no time to test-crash-and burn, I thought I could tap into the collective intelligence and ask:

1.- I can't give any IRS valid receipts. I am located in México and I am in "suspended" activities in the local IRS. while México and the USA have a treaty in terms of IRS and taxes, it is not convenient for me.

have you guys had any problem with that? I mean, has your income been hit for this?

2.- What is the average life-span for a client? I have a client that is now in his 13th year with me as the SEO person and he is complaining that he is under financial crisis. So I am wondering.

I know that there is only so much review I can make in terms of how much actual traffic or work he gets and that ultimately I can only rely on the hope that he's honest.

3. can you makje a "payment term is net 10"?

thank you guys.
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