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I am lookingto run some automated/ evergreen webinars which I want to replay everyday at 10am and 5pm.

I am looking for a software or WP plugin that lets me do it effectively, and something which doesnt cost me a lot. I prefer a 1 time fee rather than a monthly fee.

The most important feature I am looking for is the one which lets me send a email and SMS reminder to the registrant 1 hour before the webinar, depending on the date and time he picks.

I have seen systems which can send reminders for a one time webinar but I want something which sends them reminders based on the date and time the registrant picks.

Stealth seminar support said they will be able to do it but it costs $69 a month.

Came across other software/ plugins which are cheap one time payment but I dont know if they have this feature.

Can you please suggest the best solution for this.
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