Anyone recently tried to promote john crestani Super Affiliate System?

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I recently started to promote John Crestani Super Affiliate System. According to clickbank data, this seems to be a reasonable product to promote. Very popular, with gravity fluctuate between 50 something to 60 something in this past month, the downside would be it is quite an expensive product. So I built a landing page to direct people to their free webinar, as well as collect email leads, and I set up a email autoresponder as well. I got my traffic from Udimi, and solo ads seller has very good reputation and good "got sales" percentage as well. I purchased 1000 click, hoping the the amount of traffic can give me at least 5 sales. My solo ads campaign is still on-going, right now seller already sent almost 600 quality clicks, and 100+ people opt-in so far, the product has like almost 300 hop count, 145 hop per order form impression, but only 2 all order form impression, and NO ORDER whatsoever. I am looking forward to the next 400 clicks, but I am really losing hope. Anyone has similar experience? What do you guys think the problem is? is it my method? the product I chose? just real bad luck? is all hope lost?
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    whew, that's a lot of clicks that you purchased. I would have purchased between 100-200 just to test and not waste my money. But, I can be wrong. There is always in the future your subscribers buy the product from the email follow-ups. I have seen a lot of videos of people testing with 100-200 clicks with several vendors.

    But all that said, I would ask the seller this... Out of their customers what is the price range of the buyers sales price. I was going to buy a solo ad and promote Super affiliate System and then got some advise. I ask the Udimi seller that question and he told me the average price of the buyers were between $27 and $47. So knowing John's price was way higher, I didn't buy from that solo ad seller. Make sense?

    I hope you get some sales, though. Let me know how it goes for you.
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    Well i think its a good product as i dont check the full video presentations but from what i remember its a big price for customers and i thing its something normal to have this stats .I would try also to promote my landing page with free traffic on forums ,fb groups youtube etc .And also i would try another cheap product with my paid campaings
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    The bro looks like he's been smoking too much weed and let his Nutryst domain name expire
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    Hi I'm promoting the same program and getting traffic from udimi. How did the remaining 400 clicks go for you? Any sales??
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