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I'm a brand identity and web designer, but I have always loved business side as much as design itself.

Through my experience working with people I noticed majority of them don't know what good logo is, and that's totally fine. They often go for the cheapest option, because they think a logo is just a pretty image, but in reality a bad design can cost you a lot of money.

Logo has to pass certain tests in order to work properly. For example; You should consider changing it if it doesn't work in one color. This is just one out of many thing designers should pay attention while designing a logo.

My idea is to run a website where people can submit their current design and get personalized feedback on how to fix it.

Fixing a logo earlier is much better option than wait for your business to grow. Changing everything that contains that bad design can cost small fortune.

I'm at very early stage where I'm trying to validate my idea.

My question is...

Would you, as a business owner, ever consider paying anything between $10 to $50 to get professional opinion?

Something that could help you save money in a long run and give you an advice how to run better looking brand.

Thank you everyone!

p.s. Something similar does exist, but it's automated and doesn't give as good feedback as it should.

PLEASE NOT: I'm a new forum member so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong regarding my post.
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    The quick answer is yes. Finding your prospects and educating them is your biggest challenge.

    The main reason for this is that your "cheap" logo customers do not understand the real ROI that a correctly designed logo fosters. Those of us that do, already use a qualified branding designer who creates the brand assets accordingly for efforts worth the treatment while those that don't will never be considered for your service.

    Your main customer will come from the masses of "cheap" logo buyers but they usually are folks on a limited IM budget and will need a lot of "educating" to get them to "see the light". Furthermore, your service pool would be further divided into the priority niches that would most likely and greatly be benefited by this sort of branding treatment.

    So be prepared to lay a lot of groundwork, get your "expertise" well traveled around the internet and a strong authoritative blog of your own to prop up your marketing.

    As well, as I often suggest, I would recommend building a strong local base of clientele as the face to face consulting would be a strong aid in getting your business on the map: additionally, it should serve as a part of your content throughout your general online marketing strategy.
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    Designing a logo with a graphic designer or agency, the cost of a logo can vary from $2 to $2500. Which includes research and a couple of rounds of revisions. I have had several satisfied clients at prices between $25 to $95.

    I think that good identity design for a small business is well worth $1,000 +. However, I sometimes see work from established designers who charge that I don't like, and work from some newer, less expensive designers that I think is beautiful.

    Through the platform, you can set how much you're willing to pay, the type of work you need, and the experience level you're seeking. Designers set their own hourly rates, which can range from $10 to $100 per hour based on their experience.
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