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Hi, trying to decide whether to renew annual hosting for my old website.

It was the home of a weekly website review column, e-newsletter, content writing tips and other web-related content so has lots of backlinks since 1997, though hasn't been updated for about 10 years. The email address is listed on some spam lists but I haven't bothered de-listing as don't use it anymore.

There's lots of good content in there, and some would still be relevant, but not sure if it's worth keeping for backlinks. Plan to build a new WordPress website for my new writing as no longer in the content marketing business.

It's a country-specific domain so can't really sell it as need to own the business name to own the domain name.

But it might be useful to direct traffic to my new website domain once it's up and running if I cleaned up all the many broken links to expired websites in the database of hundreds of website reviews.

It's all on but I'm still attached to the old site, even if it's no longer useful from a business point of view.

Did a Moz free check:

Domain Authority
Linking Root Domains
Ranking Keywords
Spam Score

Not sure what that all means? Would greatly value advice from someone who's up on this stuff as I've been out of the game for a long time. Thank you.
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