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Hi everyone,

I tested trying to send a few cold emails to see if it's possible to get clients this way (didn't work at all if you're wondering). However, what I have found is that this has meant my emails have started making their way into people's spam boxes.

Does anyone know how to stop this happening? My emails haven't been just random spam to every email address I can get my hands on. Each email has been typed specifically for the selected local company that I genuinely think that I could help, so I was quite surprised to find that my emails are now going to spam, even to people that I regularly email!

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    Hello Eddie ,

    Can you be more specific on what your asking, do you have affiliate links in these emails ? What type of content are you writing in these emails?
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      They were just emails to local companies that I thought would be perfect customers. Just a brief outline of what I'd like to offer them and how I could improve their online marketing etc. No affiliate links or anything like that, just a bog-standard email.

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    It might your recipient's mailbox that automatically filters your emails and treats them as Spam/Junk.
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      I also sent it to my own personal email address though and it actually went to spam for that too?
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    There are many reasons your email may be ending up in spam. First you should control what you CAN control. One very important thing you need to do is make sure your email address is authenticated. If you don't know how to do that, do a search (i.e. "cpanel email authentication").
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      Hi Dave,

      It turned out that I had no SPF and DKIM values in my cpanel. Thanks for the suggestion, it lead to me figuring this out. I have tested emails today and all seems to be well. Much appreciated.
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    I have this problem before when I am using google suite. If you are using google suite you have to contact them, then they will guide you on this.

    If you are using other service providers, ask them to help you.
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