where to submit articles on small business/startups?

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I created a series of articles on starting a business, startups strategies and some other ideas related to startups and small businesses. But the problem is that I cannot find where to publish them. I submitted them to several resources but didn't get any response. Not sure what the problem is... It looks like some resources are abandoned, some have too strict guidelines. Can somebody recommend me any good resources on this topic.
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    You can check out this link, have 50+ links for articles directories submission and 260+ website directories submission

    Article Directories - Edu Digital Marketing
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    Write an ebook on Amazon or start a blogging website.
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    One really great source is Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

    It's a platform that connects you with journalists who are looking for content.

    Based on my experience, you get an email 3x per day and you'll see different requests for content. All you do is submit your content and follow any additional instructions. NOTE: When setting up your profile, just make sure you check off the categories relevant to you (e.g. Business Strategy) so that you receive the right requests.

    Hope this helps!
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    They probably receive hundreds emails per day which they don't even read. Instead of sending emails, try to contact editorial staff on LinkedIn. Ask them about editorial calendar first. Once they reply, you can discuss your articles.
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    Social media is a good place to start . . . promote your articles on relevant FaceBook groups, create a FaceBook Page and put your articles there, post articles on relevant LinkedIn Groups, create a Pinterest account for them etc.

    I presume you have created your own website, and posted your articles there?

    Then cross-promote everything . . . make FaceBook posts about your articles that are on your blog on your website, include links to your social-media channels on your website, etc.

    Guest posting on other relevant blogs is certainly possible, but can be challenging to start . . . make sure your own blog is really good before you contact anyone.

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    I would try Linkedin.
    You can post articles on your profile and also in groups. Put a link at the end that says something like. I write articles for small business blogs. PM for more info or something like that.
    Also try local networking groups. They are always after content for their newsletters.
    Association magazines are another good place always looking for content.
    Best of luck
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