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I am new to affiliate marketing. I want to get started but I feel overwhelmed by all of the information I have found. I want a mentor but don't have $1000 to drop on a guru course. I am shying away from the idea of starting a blog because the thought of churning out content is mortifying to me. I like the idea of building an email list through a free offer and then doing email marketing but I'm not sure just how to start and actually be successful. If I go this route will all my traffic have to be paid?

I found something called the 12 Minute Affiliate System by Devon Brown which claims to do all of this work for you. Has anyone tried this method? Is it worth the $47 a month?
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    Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative. Essentially, you have to find your answers to the following questions:

    1. Which Market and/or niche am I going to serve?
    2. What is it that they value and want/need?
    3. Where can I find affiliate programs that address those wants and needs?
    4. How am I going to tap into targeted traffic for that market/niche?
    5. What value can I deliver to those prospects?

    It is worth brainstorming each of those questions and then just dive in. Keep, changing your approach based on what is working and what is not, but stay committed to the market or niche you choose and in the end, you'll get your act together.
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    Read Will's post several times - it's a practical approach.

    Your post is all about "I" and what you want or don't want - but your success will be based on what you have to give that will attract buyers.

    If you look online - you'll find literally hundreds of "systems" and "blueprints" for $7 to $997...you can do a forum search to see if a particular product (and these are products) is mentioned or promoted here - or reviewed by experienced members in the 'review' section. Other than than, we don't recommend specific MMO products here.
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    If you notice and look at all the top products that sell they are all doing the same thing. First they are building a list, they have a product and they pay affiliates to promote their products. When a new product launches and they are an affiliate for that product they do not promote their affiliate link directly. They build a separate page usually giving away a bonus or something.

    I would work on creating a custom landing page towards a quality product they work on building your list. Create and set up a budget for your marketing/business. First thing is setting up a monthly budget. This is a real business and all businesses there are some cost involved.
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    Affiliate marketing is hard AF. It's not all butterflies and rainbows, and being overwhelmed is part of it :/

    As much as it sucks to be overwhelmed, i think it's needed in the beginning. You need to learn as much as possible, but also don't be afraid to test!

    I think you should really reconsider starting your blog, and start it! Personally, i was also really hesitant of starting my own blog, but after i did, it basically became "something i didn't have to do anymore" because i had already done it.

    One article at a time, and after a while you have a bunch of them

    But from what you've written, i suppose it'll be for some other time...

    Regarding the "12 minute thing":

    USUALLY, the "everything done for you" stuff will tell you "now all you have to do, is get traffic!".

    They might give you the landing pages, and the email swipes or whatever. But i'm like 99% sure, you'll have to get traffic on your own...

    In fact...if you head over to clickbank, look for the product, and sign up as affiliate...you might get a bit more info on what exaclty you'd have to do, as a user of the product.

    If you want to try it out, go for it. The worst that can happen, is you're down 50 buxs. Big deal (if you keep it up, you'll make it back)

    PS: A domain costs 10 buxs per year (i think bluehost gives you 1 for free if you choose their hosting), hosting you can get for 5 buxs/month, you can have thrive themes added onto your domain for 5 buxs, and you can get 1 month free for any autoresponder out there.That's all the set up you need, for when you want to do it yourself
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    Is it worth the $47 a month?
    Well, you can have your own setup for less than $20/month.

    The key is traffic. Their "DFY" traffic is most likely solo ads. So you are basically paying them to promote their products to their traffic with your money.

    Does that sound good to you?
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    Well this course can help you but how someone said you still need to work for trafficnfind your way etc
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  • Originally Posted by tayzinator View Post

    I found something called the 12 Minute Affiliate System by Devon Brown which claims to do all of this work for you. Has anyone tried this method? Is it worth the $47 a month?

    You either take Will Edwards advice, and take the journey on the right path, or choose the other option (12 minutes affiliate nonsense) and struggle endlessly while thinking you are taking the quickest route.

    And so it begins. Already been primed to be ripped off by arseholes selling hot air. You will be joining a system as a factory worker. All your hard work will be to build their business, not yours.
    "The sheep lives its life in fear of the wolf, only to be eaten by the shepherd"
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  • Hi, I was like you at one time too. Yes, having mentor is important to give you that cross-checks as well as consulting them on your plans and next course of action. I am still going back to my mentor on certain areas that I need enlightenment and advice. I guess to put it plainly, you just have to be consistent, persistent, lots of trials and errors in between to find your winning formula.
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