Looking for some guidance on building a tracking link.

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I have a service that we are planning to list on an affiliate network. During the on boarding process they have asked me to provide them a "tracking link with open parameters". They said "It will need to include a spot to pass our affiliateid (also known as ordered, leadid etc) this is how we will know which pub generated which leads."

If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Your best bet is probably contacting the affiliate network to find out exactly what they want.
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    A Guide to Tagging and Online Tools for Campaigning for Creating Properly Tagged URLs Let's take a look at some of the most effective URL builders available. Centralized spot for URL creation; Continues with your tagging guidelines To create a tracking URL with this tool, you can select from it.
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    I'm surprised the affiliate network would ask you that - i mean if you have your product listed on ClickBank - they don't tell you to help create your own hop link/affiliate link! They build it for you!

    Anyways you can always use Hubspot (which independent affiliate marketers use).
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    You can use UTM parameters for tracking links

    Can refer this for understanding what is UTM and how to set urls with utm parameters defined.
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    I think you need a php script + parameter transfer using the GET method
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