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hello all i wanna figure out the best strategy to drive traffic i'm using social media and pinterst and give me only 12 visitors per day
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    Get Listed in Online Directories. ...
    Build Backlinks. ...
    Post to Social Media. ...
    Include Hashtags in Your Posts. ...
    Use Landing Pages. ...
    Target Long-Tail Keywords. ...
    Start Email Marketing. ...
    Guest Blog
    repurpose your content
    Video blogging
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    May I know your website domain?
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    On social Media you can use Facebook Ads. Create a YouTube channel that you can post videos intending to tell your audience about one of your blog post, make sure you use the right key words for your YouTube videos so you can get more traffic. Don't forget to include links on your Videos descriptions that will lead people to your blog.

    You can also attach a landing page to your blog posts, so you can start building your email list. The begin sending newsletters to your subscribers (email marketing). You can also comment on blogs related to your niche, make sure you add more value and include your link.
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    You can create some videos and share them on social media and Youtube. You can also share your blog posts on social media and engage through comments with your audience.
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    The main thing is building your own audience. It maybe a list or a fb page. But when you start everything seems very hard.
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    #1 Don't use social media for traffic.

    I would focus on creating content that gets ranked on Google, 2,000 words minimum, research topics before posting, and use a good header images.

    I say this because I've used social media for 8 years to market, and have posted like 1,000 + decent posts, I don't think I've made 1 sale off of it.

    Also there's ways to auto-post your blogs to social media, so you don't really have to actually spend time on it. Time is money.

    Look for your niche in Reddit, Reddit is pretty solid for traffic, and it's super easy to post. Give that a try!
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    I would start with a solid foundation of on-site search optimization, 5 - 10 pieces of premium content, and a profile on the top social networks that allow you to share links - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

    Start networking with other bloggers in your niche. Preferably ones that allow guest posts. Get to know them and their content. Ultimately, you want to start a routine of creating one great piece of content for your website and submitting one great piece of content to a website with a larger audience.
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    Originally Posted by bouzebra mirvan View Post

    hello all i wanna figure out the best strategy to drive traffic i'm using social media and pinterst and give me only 12 visitors per day
    What social media platforms are you using. What strategy are you using?

    What's the niche??
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    Build some good links in the relevant business listing sites, do forums, blog commenting, classifieds & do social media on more channels. Or can go for paid ads for some instant traffic.
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    Getting blog traffic starts with publishing high-quality content on a consistent basis while engaging the readers thoughtfully. Other white hat SEO tactics follow, and getting traffic would be based on how much time you're willing to dedicate to your online business.
    • Post long-form articles consistently
    • Share your content on social media
    • Promote your content
    • Participate in question and answer platforms
    • Participate in discussion boards
    • Build high-quality backlinks
    • Submit high-quality guest posts to authoritative sites

    Sierra Morgan
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    In a nutshell, I would say 'Social Media is for the short term', 'SEO is for the long term'.

    It is a huge simplification, but it should give you an idea.
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