How to Improve rankings and Traffic of a Custom Tailoring Website?

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a Best Custom Tailoring in Delhi Website since last 2 months. I did On page and Off page SEO activities. like On Page Activities - Meta title, H1 tag and Alt Text.
Off Page Activities - Profile Creations, Social Book Markings, Web 2.0 pages, Local Listings, Classifieds, Article Submission, Blog Commenting and Forums.
But, Still not get rankings and traffic. Please, help me out with valuable inputs and other activities.
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    I do not see a single thing you have done to get any real backlinks that matter. If you can place a link, yourself, it is almost always completely worthless.

    Until you create something fantastic that other websites in your niche will WANT TO link to, you're just spinning your wheels and wasting time creating backlinks, yourself.
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      I agree. You should start learning how to do an effective outreach to get valuable backlinks.
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    You got the Times of India ranking close to the top for best custom tailoring Delhi and Quora so, clearly, not a competitive term. But how many people are searching?

    Like Dave wrote above, none of the offpage activities you listed are worth the pixels you used up to mention them.

    If you do not have money, the best way to go about it is learn about custom tailoring (the profession and what people who're looking for such are about) and produce 1 great article or video; then contact people in related businesses (whose visitor would benefit from your info) and bring your amazing content to their attention and ask them to link to it (pointing out clearly how it will benefit them by benefiting their visitors). This is called the skyscraper technique (google it for more details; has one or two posts about it).

    If you have money, go to the same website owners as above and pay them to link to you. Or, better yet, do the first, then pay the ones that will not link for content alone.
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    I'd say a content marketing strategy that involves writing relevant articles for your blog is the way to go.
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    First you need a solid site structure,
    Improve technical SEO,
    Keyword research properly.
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    You might want to up your social media game. I've been seeing good results since looking into services like IGReviewhub and other social network tools. It can be hit or miss, but it's better than nothing.
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    There are dozens of SEO activities that you can do, but I'd ask you something more important:

    Did you invest enough time for a proper keyword research?

    Just think if you are targeting a too competitive market or your content doesn't fit your audience.

    Excellent SEO activities on the wrong keywords = failure
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    Have you been producing quality content and sharing it to drive traffic ? Have you been repurposing your content ? Have you been blog commenting and or guest blogging . Have you tested out your page load speed . Have you got rid of thin content and compressed your files .
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