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Has anyone just focused on video creation instead of the content on your site?
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    I have one site that is entirely video posts and each has a text transcription below it. If you are chasing SE traffic you need to tell SEs what's there with text. Video is the way to go with the preponderance of Internet users on mobile.
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    Take a look at site like Lumen5. Can combine both and save a lot of time in the process.
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    Video is the FUTURE !

    People are now very much likely to watch videos.

    So, it's the best decision to go ahead with Video creation.

    Besides With videos , People convert 10X time more than articles !

    So, from my side, Video is the winner
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    Video promotion or share your content in the visual form with the help of creative and short time videos is better than text or simple content, so you need to try make some creative videos and share them. In now days videos are more popular than simple text content.
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  • Both are Important or effective. But the video is more popular nowadays because People like watch Videos compare to reading Articles. So video must be posted & should have a Writing text below it.
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    You can put a video to introduce what your page is going to talk about. Your video should be a teaser of your page content. So, people will read it to get the detail or more information.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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    Never assume.

    I recommend you use both videos and articles.

    Preferably articles with videos in them because...
    • Your site will rank better if you have both video and copy

    • More people will consume your content. Not everyone has time to watch a whole video. Some just want certain information.

    Pro Tip. If you prefer doing video. Just make the video first and do the article/copy after that.

    And if you don't like writing? Then hire a professional.

    Good luck!
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