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Hi Folks,
I have a facebook buy and sell group thats fairly active with about 4000 users. Anyone have any success monetizing a FB group? Also are amazon affiliate links allowed in Facebook groups?
Much Thanks!
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    Amazon Affiliate links are allowed on FB as long as you don't use ads to promote them. They are allowed in regular posts.
    That said, generically posting links to random goods in an unfocused FB group likely wont turn much profit, if any. If you have a certain niche you are focused on you may want to join groups in that niche.
    One method that may be worth trying in your current FB group is to offer affiliate links as solutions for what people are looking for. IE.. if someone is looking for purple tennis shoes...find some on Amazon and provide the link to them. Then even if people don't buy the shoes, you may get clicks from people just wanting to see the shoes and then make money on anything else they may buy. Still won't make much money as Amazon payouts are small but it's possible. Prob make more money selling products from places like Clickbank or Warrior Plus and building a list of people interested in buying those products.
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      Definitely like these ideas! Wasn't sure if Amazon allowed it. I do realize Amazon comms are pretty low but on the flip side its a reputable name and shoppers can wander around buying other products. Ive had review sites that do some sales which I am sure if worked could do much better. Thanks for your response.
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        Any time! Keep us updated on what you end up trying and how it goes
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    Offer to pin people's post to the top for 24 hours or a week, etc. for a fee.

    "Want to make sure your post is seen? Pin it to the top."
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  • Hi Rob !

    I am unsure if affiliate links are allowed in Facebook posts , be it in a Page or a Group. I had an experience, which I had accidentally copied and pasted my affiliate link in my post without realizing, my post was unable to upload and it had a message that says that there was a violation of its policies. It took me a while to realize that it was my unintentional pasting of my affiliate link.
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