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Glad to join this fine forum. Not so long ago, I decided to learn how to generate revenues from digital marketing.

So here I am. I will do my best to share my journey with the community and hopefully, be able to help newcomers in a few months

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    Hello mate,

    You said you learned how to generate revenue from digital marketing, can you tell us what exactly you have learned and how are you making revenue?

    Maybe we could give you some advice about how to improve your revenue if you like

    Anyway Welcome and good luck!
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      Thanks for your warm welcome.

      I started to study affiliate marketing (promoting products via paid ads), but I have not applied what I have learned so far. This is something I will do in the coming weeks.

      In the meantime, I am building a blog where I am reviewing products. I see the blog as a long term project that will take some time before generating revenue.

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    Yea welcome.here buildìng a blog its a very good idea because this last for years and nobody can take you its like a source a passive income and it can sell also when you sleep
    Also try to master paid advertising thisnits how rich people was made online
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      Thanks! I will check out paid advertising. Another source of online revenue I am exploring is Medium. I know a few people that are doing well thanks to articles they publish on this platform.
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    Welcome and best of luck to you.

    Discover How To Start and Build An Online Business, Even If You’re a Complete Beginner --> Download Now

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    Good Luck on your way:-)
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    Plenty of guidance is available on here, I wish you all the best.
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    Welcome to the forum Toratora. You have a good mentality thinking long term. A review site is a good idea.

    Paid advertising is the fastest way to get traffic. You just want to make sure it's targeted traffic.

    If you are not camera shy, YouTube is also great for reviews.

    That traffic is free but requires time to create great content . So in a way it's not really free.

    If you do go that route, its a good idea to study what successful Youtubers do. The one's that have thousand's of followers and put it into practice some of their strategies.

    That's my two cents for you. Again welcome!
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