Beginner's Guide - Using Facebook paid ads for affiliate traffic

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Objective: set up an 'autopilot' system that generates income through affiliate sales

Step 1:

- Pick a clickbank (or any other program's offer - you might want to focus on info products) offer
- How? Use a combination of $/sale plus gravity plus total lifetime sales (ie., recurring/add-on sales)

Step 2:

- Find questions people ask about the PROBLEM the CB offer SOLVES
- How? Use Quora / Type in seed phrases into Google and find "searches related to" keywords. Find Reddit discussions. Rephrase these into questions.

Step 3:

- String up the questions and create an ARTICLE that answers the questions (without mentioning the CB offer) - arrange your subheadings so they help you PULL the reader down the page (ie., build trust) make sure you target keywords but you need to mention these NATURALLY.
- How? Read up on effective subheading writing using resources like copyblogger or backlinko

Step 4:

- Write a BOOKLET that offers a WEAKER or LITE version of the CB offer's SOLUTION
- Offer the booklet for FREE in exchange for EMAILS
- How? Use Getresponse/Aweber to create a list and collection form - format this into your squeeze page
NOTE: You must install the FB pixel on your squeeze page

IMPORTANT: Your ARTICLE must promote your squeeze page/free booklet offer - do this through a combination of in-text links as well as graphical ads around the article.

Step 5:

- Create an Autoresponder email sequence that talks about OTHER SOLUTIONS but upsells the ULTIMATE (CB offer) solution
How? People who sign up to your list must get actual VALUE - so each update must share info that is ACTIONABLE but also highlights are more (efficient?) way - that alternative of course is the CB product you're promoting

Step 6:

Take out paid ads on FB promoting your ARTICLE (not your squeeze page) and use the OPTIMIZATION PROCESS below
- start with a very small budget
- link up your FB campaign with your article AND squeeze page so you can track successful conversions
- run several types of ads with different text
- pick the ad that gets clicked the most
- Make more variations of the ad (FB Ads has an automated version of this but it is spotty)
- Pick the ad variation that gets better results than the original
- Repeat the process above until you get an ad with BOTH a high CTR and CONVERSION RATE
- SCALE UP your budget - see if the CTR is maintained, if it is, keep scaling up

Step 7:

You will also have to run tests on your autoresponder series to make sure they are properly converting your traffic

Repeat the same optimization strategy in Step 6 above.

Step 8:

Run an FB ad retargeting/remarketing campaign - this time the ad must sell the BOOKLET you're giving away (remember: you're marketing to people who already visited your ARTICLE)

Step 9:

Scale up by promoting other products from the affiliate program you've used in step 1 OR create your own products so you can control
- sales page
- product quality
- customer experience
- your income (since you keep the whole sale amount)
- upsells / downsells
- emails collected during sale process

If any part is unclear, just ask away in this thread.
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