I use video to promote my business

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Hello everyone,
I use videos to promote my business. I am interested to share what I know and learn from others who are using video marketing.
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  • Hello Mike...

    So tell us Mike, what your experience is right now doing video marketing?

    1. How long have you been using video marketing?

    2. Is it an online business your are promoting?

    3. What is it that you'd like to learn from others on the WF (Warrior Forum), who are using video marketing?
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      1. It's been a work in process since 2008
      2. I sell life insurance
      3. I always looking for new strategies, techniques and software to stay on top of the Google and Youtube changes
      Thank you for asking.
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      • Originally Posted by Mike Sheehan View Post

        1. It's been a work in process since 2008
        Keep at it Mike, you'll get better at it with time. I noticed that there are a couple of Mike Sheehan's on YouTube, which one is you? What are you currently doing with video marketing, to make you stand out from the crowd? Are you niching you, or what you do?

        Originally Posted by Mike Sheehan View Post

        2. I sell life insurance
        What type of video content are you creating in the life insurance niche. What's your unique selling point?

        Originally Posted by Mike Sheehan View Post

        3. I always looking for new strategies, techniques and software to stay on top of the Google and Youtube changes
        Video advertising campaigns on YouTube are always fruitful when you are being informative, by solving a big problem in your niche. In order to outshine your competition, is usually quite simple once your audience/target market understands what your unique selling point is.

        Originally Posted by Mike Sheehan View Post

        Thank you for asking.
        It's a pleasure Mike.
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    Hi Mike,
    With video marketing, it's certainly a work in process The first thing that you Must do is with your keywords is to put them in your script so you are speaking the keywords as well because you want your video on the front page of YouTube, Then you need to optimize the description box for the keywords that you are targeting, your title needs to have your keyword in it. I have around 300/400 videos on YouTube and one of the best Free online tools I am using is Youtube Rank Checker https://ytrank.net/ it lets you know where your video is on YouTube. The next tool that is in my toolbox Create Stunning Videos Fast it has really been good for what I am doing with video marketing I can't say if it has helped with the video S.E.O or if it is what I have been doing with the content in the video. the other good tool is TubeBuddy a good Tool on when you are on YouTube
    Richard Murphy
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    Video marketing its a good strategy if not the best .People are enticed by videos and conversions are very well
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    I am not yet using video marketing to get traffic. But I use videos on my sales and other pages. I prefer sales videos where I speak in front of the camera. For this purpose I bought a simple teleprompter where I can use my tablet and a free app to get a running text that I can read.

    Those kind of videos with me as a speaker in the video take more efforts to produce. But I believe they build more trust with my visitors than video sales letters where only text from PowerPoint slides is used.

    How do you produce your videos, when you promote your business? With you in front of the camera or just text and images?
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      I do a combination of both. Some are of me talking and others show just images and text.
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    Amazing product, life insurance.
    The idea of video promotions for life insurance is interesting.
    If I would be a life insurance salesman, I would create videos to influence good long term relationship with potential clients and would influence a good reputation for my brand.
    I would definitely highlight testimonials from long term happy clients, it would help to create trust with potential clients.
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    I am doing creating videos since two weeks. I do review video for online marketing niche videos and I am creating video for my own course. It takes little time as it wasn't my comfort zone. But I am improving day by day. When lot's of people are getting in depression I have taken action and already trying to rank on YouTube it's hard but not impossible. Kombine it with Facebook and other social media it gives helps to grow. Sales video must be engaging and needs to catch people. And YouTube video need to be continuesly done. There I work of raining.

    Get my Free Course here

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  • We've been ramping up our video marketing strategy since last year. Blogging has provided us solid traffic over the years but we've seen better engagement when we also produce videos.
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  • Awesome Mike, the devil is in the details.

    Test, test and test some more...

    Which tool are you using? I hope it's not a situation where if you tell me, you'd have to kill me.

    Jokes aside...

    Split testing is great, it let's you know what's working best and what doesn't at all.

    Are you seeing an increase in views with your new thumbnail tests Mike, or is it to early to say?
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    Video promotion on youtube is very effective and it's also a free traffic source. Many people promoting a business or any offer using videos and youtube. But keep in mind that you should deliver value in your videos, only then you will see good results.
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      To be cohesive I always start my video by repeating the title of the video so the viewer knows they are getting what they searched for.
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    Hi Mike.
    Besides Youtube, where all do you post your videos?
    Do you get a lot of regular traffic from this?
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      Due to my video optimization, my videos rank very well on Google plus I embed them in my blog posts. Traffic varies though my strategy is to post 100's of videos so my collective views are very good.
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    One thing you can do is splice your YT video into a 45 sec to one min stand alone clip. Make it, for example, 1080 x 1080. Add bars at the top/bottom with branding and a CTA (Call to Action) then post on FB, Twitter and Pinterest ( if you have an audience on there). Link back to your main YT video.

    Discover the only A-Z of Video Marketing and for your content, check this out: Premium Video and Full PLR Packs - Free $4,961 case study

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